Your Backyard Desperately Needs An Upgrade

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Although real estate properties naturally appreciate over time, it’s the efforts we invest in home improvement projects to make the house look and feel better that add substantial value. And because we have zero control around the surrounding area, these home improvement projects often become our only option.

However, most people gravitate towards fixing the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and adding new furniture because it seems like the obvious answer. And while this does uplift the value of a home, it also leads to the neglect of one crucial area of a house — the backyard. As a result, a considerable portion of the budget is restricted to the interior, when it could’ve been used more efficiently outside.

What’s Wrong With Focusing Inside?

Of course, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with fixing up and renovating the house’s interior, especially if those improvements are geared towards increased comfort and making the space more liveable. There’s no denying that you’re going to benefit from this, and the next homeowners will also appreciate them too.

But there is a certain threshold with interior home improvements, and after you go past that peak, the return on value starts to drop. And if you plan to sell the house or take a cash-out refinance on your home mortgage, you could get way more for less money invested into your home if you decided to take the home improvement outside.

So, to aid in your property development journey, here are some great backyard projects that can help you get started.


#1 Install An Outdoor Grilling Island

Nothing beats eating outside and getting to kick back and relax after a long week, and even more so if you could do it in the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re the type that loves to cook and take the fun into the backyard, installing an outdoor grilling island is the perfect home project to take.

  • Excellent Entertainment Area: Bust out the steaks and pork chops, play a little music, have everyone gather around, and you have the best entertainment area right outside your house. From celebrating New Year’s Eve to your casual weekend getaway, it’s almost impossible not to have fun when you have a grilling island.
  • More Cooking Options: When it comes to cooking, an indoor kitchen can only do so much when it comes to food and dishes with powerful odors because you don’t want to trap that smell inside. But, when you get to cook outside, this risk just instantly vanishes, and you get full range on all your cooking options!

#2 Try Out A Floating Deck

If you’re not much of the BBQ and grilling type but still enjoy lounging, you could also try out a floating deck instead of installing an outdoor grilling island. Of course, you won’t be cooking here, but in terms of design and value, this project is a massive upgrade and can turn any ordinary backyard into a feature-worthy outdoor space.

  • Extra Living Space: Utilizing every square foot of your home into a functional living space is the name of the game, and nothing gets that job done better than a floating deck. And because this isn’t attached to your home, you can relocate it anywhere on your background and experiment with different looks.
  • Modern Aesthetic: If you’re going for a modern aesthetic, matching your floating deck with stylish furniture can instantly score your backyard points in the appeal category. Not only will you get to enjoy the design, but it will also leave a great impression on potential homebuyers.

#3 Buy A Pergola

Last but not least, if the weather in your area can get pretty hot and maxing out the AC isn’t much of an option, you could choose to buy a pergola for your backyard. It may seem simple compared to the two projects previously mentioned, but it gets the job done and is still a modest upgrade. In fact, it pairs well with the other two backyard projects, and you can get the pergola as a bonus.

  • Cool Sitting Area: A warm afternoon can be choking if you trap yourself inside, but with a pergola and the extra lounge area it creates, you get the perfect shade and cool setting for relaxation. All you need now is a beer to help set the mood.
  • DIY Possible: Apart from being functional, if you have the tools on hand and the skills needed, it is possible to make your own pergola. Or, if you already have a couple of guys working on the house, they can get the job done for you for a fraction of the price of a new purchase.

Don’t Let The Backyard Limit Your Home

Overall, regardless if it’s for our benefit or turning a profit on a property, we should all strive to get the most out of our home. It will help us save money and the house we choose to stay in a lot more comfortable and liveable. So, feel free to tackle any of these projects, and don’t let your backyard limit your home’s potential.


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