You Can Start a Trendy Business in a Pandemic


You might think that being the CEO of your own business is easier than rendering more than forty hours a week. And you might be right: you can start your empire, have flexible work hours, and make decisions that you think is best for your enterprise. But there are many things to consider when planning your entrepreneurial journey, of which the most important is what industry you want to join?

Given the pandemic and the worldwide economy, you might think it’s not the best time to start one; but sometimes the best time to start any business is during a crisis. Here are some suggestions that may serve as breakthroughs for those beginning their business venture.

1. Events Planning

Even though large scale events won’t be a reality during the present or in the coming years, you can already start collecting fun ideas for when the pandemic is already over. Though most activities have temporarily ceased to reduce the risk of infection, setting up events, haven’t completely disappeared from this new normal setup. You can still offer your services to companies or institutions that choose to foster camaraderie by mingling with their employees. You can draft up exciting ideas that employees would enjoy, especially those tailored for online platforms. Some events that you can propose are remote jam sessions, game nights, and virtual team building activities.

2. Food Business

If you have a passion for food, you can turn your fascination into a lucrative business. Some ideas ideal for startups are catering services, lunch and breakfast cafes,  restaurants, or food trucks. To start a catering business, you can prepare multiple dishes in your humble kitchen and offer food that most people don’t offer.

Cafes are one of the trendiest businesses in the past years. The coffee culture has made the cafe ubiquitous in many cities, and it provides everyone with a spot to get their favorite coffee blends, eat delicious full meals, or simply a place to meet friends and acquaintances. Food trucks are also a viable option if you want your food to reach places. For food-on-the-go, you can offer bites that are quick to prepare and are easy to eat, like sandwiches, burritos, burgers, fries, and even smoothies.

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3. Dropshipping

If you aren’t willing to shell out huge amounts of money to launch a business, you can choose to pursue a dropshipping venture. For dropshipping, you won’t need additional devices, aside from your laptop and cellphone. To set up this business, you’ll need to create a social media account or website displaying the items you’re selling that you’ll source from your group of suppliers. A work that can be done easily and from your couch, all you really have to do is promote the items and act as a liaison between your customers and suppliers.

4. Computer-bound Business

Launching a business focusing on the digital sphere is great for tech-savvy individuals who are looking to offer up their skills to companies searching for a digital marketer, programmer, or web developer. Since most of us are stuck at home, consumers greatly rely on what they see on websites and social media. If the services and items of the company or brands they are eyeing look presentable, then a purchase or a subscription can be in the bag. To be a digital marketer, you must know your way around social media, and be knowledgeable about content writing and SEO, so that you can market products creatively. Programmers and web developers, on the other hand, work in maintaining websites or creating applications to accommodate a brand’s target consumers.

5. Become a Personal Shopper


With the fear of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus, many are rightfully hesitant to go out of their homes even to purchase essentials. This, in turn, paved the way for other individuals to make a profit by becoming personal shoppers. A personal shopper means you get to help people look their best, get great deals on gadgets, or simply help them buy their weekly groceries or accomplish errands. Diving into this venture involves personally going into shops for clothes and accessories, dropping by the market for food and other essentials, or just staying at home and giving much-needed recommendations to your clients.

6. Try Your Hand at Farming

Getting into the agriculture business is ideal for those who have a vacant lot with fertile soil and is willing to put in hard physical work. If you are blessed with a green thumb, planting crops can be your entrepreneurial breakthrough. A profitable venture, selling crops can earn you a fortune by being a supplier to restaurants or small grocery stores and markets. You can also expand your operation by going into the poultry business and selling livestock to be supplied for restaurants, as well. It may look like too much work, but getting into this venture can surely give back the amount of profit almost tantamount to the effort you’ve invested.

Searching for a business venture that is suitable for you can be found anywhere, but getting the right encouragement and staying motivated are the challenges budding entrepreneurs must face, so take inspiration from the ideas above and start your own business journey.


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