Expanding Your Horizons: Here’s Why You Should Study Outstate

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Schools are finally opening, and a full-on in-person learning capacity is expected as we gradually work our way through herd immunity. At this point, you may be thinking of ways to help you achieve your goals and aspiration, despite the current situation. Along with the excitement comes the never-ending list of preparations, including where you want to study.

Fortunately, while finishing a degree close to home may be the safest choice, for now, exploring possibilities abroad or outstate is still one of the best life-changing experiences any student can have. For one, this can give you significant long-term benefits that your future self will thank you for.

It fosters personal growth and development

Studying away from home helps you build confidence and teaches you crucial life lessons. The thought of living alone without anyone to rely on will give you the chance to explore and experience adulting on a different level. This includes budgeting your expenses, doing house chores, and finding a study-life balance.

Additionally, seeing and doing things through a different lens is self-beneficial. For one, you get to understand the effort and hard work in accomplishing each task; thus, you learn to value what you worked for, including the money and time you put in. Furthermore, as you move forward, you gradually understand the different layers of your personality that help you develop a routine that complements your needs.

This can range from having a clean study area to help you be more productive or visiting nearby parks and museums to help you destress. Finding a healthy outlet will help reduce the risks of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Likewise, this will help you achieve better focus and time management in accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

Teenage years can be challenging, especially when you’re at the stage of figuring things out. Thus, getting to know yourself better is empowering and equally rewarding. Luckily, one of the best ways to do so is by studying and living independently. This includes deciding what you want to pursue in college and taking on the responsibilities of those choices.

But while this may sound like a walk in the park, remember to take precautions and do your own investigation. For instance, studying abroad would mean living a life you weren’t used to; so, consider your safety, needs, living expenses, and job opportunities to avoid complications later on.

Additionally, prepare and gather all the necessary documents and information to help put you on track. This includes your test scores, setting appointments, and other application process know-hows. It would also do you good to know the requirements and acceptance rates for universities such as UC Berkeley and UCLA.

It’s an investment for career growth

What makes studying outside your comfort zone powerful is the chance to expand your social network and gain knowledge on cultural diversity and societal issues. In addition, creating global connections provides a better understanding of the world which enhances skills that will give you the edge over your competitors and open doors of opportunities to help you succeed in whatever path you want to take.

For example, exposure to people with equally differing personalities and beliefs will sharpen your communication skills, critical thinking, and crucial factors that employers look for, regardless of the company’s work setup. Indeed, surviving college life in a foreign land will help develop confidence, resiliency, humility, and self-reliance to create a productive, healthy, and safe working environment beneficial for everyone.

It helps you appreciate your own roots

different ethnicities

Staying in a foreign place for months or even years will expose you to various places, appreciate different cuisine, and bond with people from other ethnicities. And while this is equally beneficial, your time away from home will help you appreciate little things that you may not have noticed before. This can range from taking pride in your native land, missing your mother’s special recipe, or the occasional sibling rivalries.

Experiencing life from a new perspective will also help you understand more incredible things the world can offer. For example, your time with your family is just as crucial as putting efforts into investing for your future. Thus, you learn to value every moment you spend with them, which in turn strengthens familial bonds. This helps create better relationships and increase happy hormones and self-esteem, which significantly benefits your well-being.

Building your career requires hard work and dedication. Thus, you need to carefully plan your way through success and grab opportunities that come your way with caution. This includes the chance to study abroad to help broaden your horizon for a better career and personal growth.


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