What Food Items Can You Sell Online?

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A good financial decision is to find a second source of income from your day job. Part-time jobs can be an option, but it can be hard for those with limited time. What you can try to do is sell products online. This can be operated from your own home, and you have complete control of the amount of time dedicated to it.


One thing that is likely to stay in the market is superfoods. While people are starting to realize that these superfoods are not a miracle food, it can’t be denied that many of them are still in high demand. Because of this, reselling of superfoods will continue to be a lucrative option for you.

What makes this a good business venture is the fact that they can be easily stored and have a long shelf life. For instance, seeds can be stored up to six to eight months at room temperature. You can buy them in bulk and repackage them for people who want smaller portions.

Many of these foods can be quite difficult to find and are not normally found in your usual supermarkets as well. That means people have to go out of their way to actually look for it, and finding a nearby seller is a huge advantage. If you are able to find a wholesaler and sell them in your local community, then it can be a good source of income.

Flavored Water

People today are more concerned about their weight, so something that has become common is cutting out liquid calories. This is why flavored or fruit-infused water has become so common. It is low in calories but instead of something tasteless, they can choose from different flavors.

If you have a large refrigerator, then you can start selling this water at home. You can buy just a few bottles and market them online. All you need to do is deliver it or have someone else deliver them. This is a great option because you don’t have to do much. Instead of making the drinks yourself, you can look into those who are looking for resellers. That means you can just collect the items and pay for them.

Vegan Meat

Whether it is for ethical or health reasons, vegan is still a common trend. Studies found that those that eat less meat have fewer cases of heart disease. Although there are many people who want to switch to more plant-based food, it can be hard for some to think of recipes that replace meat. This is why there is a growing market for meat substitutes and vegan meat.

This vegan meat is often made with vegetables, beans, and other ingredients. They are made in a way that they both look and taste like actual meat. With this, people no longer have to sacrifice their favorite dishes that normally require meat. If you are someone who is good at cooking, you can actually make your own recipes to sell. What makes this such a good business is the fact that its ingredients are cheap and affordable.

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Exotic Spices

For some, eating vegetables is hard because the taste is often bland, but this is mostly because they do not season their food as well. People today are starting to explore different kinds of seasoning to make their meals more healthy. They often use these spices in place of sugar and salt, which are bad for your health when in excess.

As more people are exploring different spices, they are looking at spices used in other countries. Unfortunately, these can be difficult to find. Selling spics as a sideline can be a good choice because you have less competition. Those like turmeric or miso can entice some people because it is not as common in America.

Lactose Intolerant-Friendly Food

Because a lot of people today have a low tolerance to dairy, the food industry has adapted to create products that are good for people with lactose intolerance. You can also get into this trend of making food items that use dairy substitutes. If you live in a community where these items are not that common, then you can try being the first person to provide them.

If you are thinking of selling baked goods, soy milk and coconut milk are often used to replace cow milk. Almond milk is another option as well. For food with butter, oil or margarine can be used. Lactose-free products are also increasing. You can try contacting wholesalers or small businesses that sell them, and you can ask if you can be a franchisee or a local merchant.


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