Video Content Marketing: Why It Matters to Your Business

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You may have heard the saying, “Content is king.” This rings true, especially with the advent of TikTok and YouTube marketing. Therefore, it is time you invest more in video content marketing.

Before the pandemic began, infographic video content was starting to dominate business website marketing strategies. There were explanatory videos for social media, video website campaigns, and video material for application development, and all of these were made with infographic elements. Thus, marking the beginning of video content marketing in a corporate setting. After all, who would have thought that high-definition photos in website folds would be replaced by motion graphics and videos?

If your business is headed to the next level this 2022, you should be investing more in video marketing, and this article will tell you all the reasons you need to do so.

There Is So Much Demand for Video Content

When the global quarantine hit, people, aka the consumers, went bored. There was almost nothing to do but consume media material, and that was what most people did. Consumers spent more hours on social media, Netflix, and games to pass by time. The spike of Tiktok users and volume is one proof that video content was what helped people get by during quarantine. Even celebrities like Jack Black and Taylor Swift have Tiktok accounts to share a daily dose of their artistic content.

The phenomena behind viral trends are still undeniably overpowered in marketing strategies, and intelligent business leaders should maximize this opportunity. Imagine having video marketing content that goes viral in a matter of hours. That would reach at least thousands of people, which means thousands of potential customers have seen your content. Whether you are good with the ratio or not, the conversion rate for this kind of marketing strategy is pretty high. Once your content goes viral, your sales will also be skyrocket, too. That is how consumers and people are; they are driven by intrigued and interest.

Today, social media giants such as YouTube and Twitter have adapted to the TikTok phenomenon by adding short-length video features on their sites. Instagram has also updated its algorithm by prioritizing video content over photos (even if it goes against what the platform was originally about).

Video Ads Are More Efficient Than Written Copies

People are all visual creatures, and with the written form of advertising, eyes tend to glaze over. It is similar to why more people love watching films as opposed to reading the original content because movies activate their imagination more than words. When we put that concept into advertising and marketing, it means video content achieves more interaction than its written counterpart.

Yes, it also applies to blog content. Not everyone has the patience to read a thousand-word industry expert article, but more people will give a ten-minute explanatory video a chance. However, this is more important with social media ads. If your social media ad campaign typically revolves around the usual pub mats and captions, expect people to scroll past your posts. Yes, some will take an interest and look, but traditional ones are slowly fading into the background with the social media algorithm slowly being built around video content.

You might not notice this, but Facebook already has a Facebook Watch feature that highlights viral videos and content that consumers would like depending on their past activities. Capitalize on this, and you would never be frustrated about marketing efforts that seem like a waste. Do not underestimate how people tend to overwatch and overspend their time on social media watching videos.

Videos Are the New Photos

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Think about it like you are the customer or the client. For example, you are looking for vacant lots for sale on the internet. Would you be satisfied with high-definition photos of your prospect? You might be satisfied, but you will be more interested if the website showcases a video of the whole lot or even the entire area. You will not even have to show up in person. You can make a buyer’s choice right there and then because you are provided with video content material. Thus, apply video content marketing to your business. Are there any areas of your marketing that can be improved with video content? If there are, you should implement a video content marketing strategy. Whether you are in retail or corporate services, video content wins people over faster than photos can.

The world is evolving, and so does how consumers want their expectations met. Today, people want good video content and not so much about hard-selling. You can do this, too. All you need is a platform and a great concept in hand.



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