Top 5 Chicago Neighborhoods for Food Lovers

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Would you believe that Chicago is much more than high-rise buildings and Chicago Bears? Well, Chicago has it all, if you would say. From your favorite architectural masterpiece to lip-smacking street bites, you will not go disappointed. A true haven for foodies; CLASS/STATUS NO BAR, Chicago, and its neighborhood have so much to offer to relieve your hunger pangs. Turns out, we can already smell the hot steak and steaming fresh bowl of fries. Let’s jump to the list.

  • Near Northside

Located adjacent to downtown Chicago, Near Northside is one of the oldest areas of the city. Being home to architectural wonders like the Michigan Avenue Bridge, Water Tower and many other spots, Near North Side is a pretty popular tourist place. And, a popular tourist place cannot do without popular food joints, right?

Legends say that given the popularity of restaurants at Near North Side, you will find a shortage of seats. For your seafood hunger pangs to simple quick bites, Near Northside has got you covered. There are also various bakeries serving one of the finest and largest varieties of doughnuts as well as gingerbreads.

Looking to surprise your better half with a great dinner? Try delicious Lamb Chops and Seared Tuna for dinner in this neighborhood. Near North Side has a LOT of food options to explore from. If time allows, you can try as many restaurants as you can because each one is its kind.

  • Wicker Park

An ultimate place is known for its happy people, laidback afternoon walks at The 606, and of course, food. Wicker Park is one of the busiest neighborhoods of Chicago, offering a wide variety of meals. Either you are at work or on a walk, you can choose restaurants as per your hunger moods.

To fuel your body, a morning coffee at Wicker park would be a perfect start to your day. A brunch with a group of friends seems a nice idea too, right? Some fine restaurants will treat your stomach and taste buds with a scrumptious bourbon mascarpone-stuffed French toast and an ambiance worth sharing with your Gram.

Not just your regular three meals, but Wicker Park got arrangements for your after-party cravings as well. A fun BBQ night with retro games would help you get through a fun weekend.

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  • Bridgeport

You will find this neighborhood bustling with baseball fans and hence, the art and the culture. Bridgeport is known as the home to Chicago White Sox and the birthplace of five former mayors of Chicago. The Bridgeport Art Center and Zhou-B Art Center add to its rich history of arts and baseball.

Besides, Bridgeport is a great place to explore food both casual eateries and late-night delights. If you are near the Sox Stadium, you should not miss fiery fried chicken and upscale meats. Also, add Bridgeport’s famous Mexican delicacies to your food list.

  • West Loop

If we were to tell you another name for this neighborhood, we’d say ‘The Food District of Chicago’. This place serves a diversity of food cultures including Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, American, and a lot more.

Already getting cravings? Can’t help, we are in with you. Before you plan to go to West Loop, make sure to pre-book a restaurant otherwise you will find yourself loitering around. From expensive and fancy dinners to the best Italian food in the city, you will find the best food at West Loop.

Ah, a food haven, literally. Are you a student with a low budget? No worries, West Loop got you covered. There are various burger places you can visit. But, don’t forget to reserve a seat before you leave your house.

  • Logan Square

Known as the most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood of Chicago, Logan square has large mansions, grassy boulevards, and the Illinois Centennial Monument. It is safe to say that Logan Square is jam-packed with restaurants so much that it will take you about four months if you eat at a single restaurant each day.

For your chill friend get-together, you have got several beautiful spaces serving delicious American food. Your cravings for charcuterie and pork belly nachos can also be fulfilled at Logan Square. We tell you, a pang of prolonged hunger and the spirit to explore, is what takes you to good food in Logan Square.

Now, you have a complete list of the best Chicago neighborhoods that offer an amazing array of dining choices. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a bite!


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