Three Steps to Manage Employees with ‘Boring’ Jobs


Let’s face it: not all jobs are exciting. If you’re not an astronaut, actor, athlete, or firefighter, chances are your job has its dull moments. And if your job has dull moments, it’s safe to assume that the people you manage also have boring days.

If you run a filling machine manufacturing company and your employees often perform repetitive tasks, they will certainly feel bored at times. When that happens, you’ll see mistakes in the production line. So, what should you do?

Rotate their jobs

One way to fight boredom in a factory is to rotate the tasks of the employees every now and then. This way, no individual will be stuck doing the same tasks every month. Since all of your employees get to do something new or different, they will be able to prevent themselves from feeling bored.

It’s not that easy rotating the jobs in a factory, however, since it takes some time to train each individual. What you can do is to have some of your people shadow another employee to understand what they’re doing. When the time comes to rotate their jobs, they already know what to do.

Use a hands-on approach

Some employees feel bored with their jobs whenever no one’s around to monitor what they’re doing. If their manager isn’t around to keep them on their toes, they’ll eventually lose the sense of urgency or purpose.

To keep your employees on their toes, you should come down to the production line and work with your people, too. By using a hands-on approach, your employees will also see that the management values them. A lot of factory workers feel that unless you’re working in the office upstairs, you’re at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

But, if a manager spends time working with the employees at the production line, they will feel that what they do is important. It’s a great way to boost their self-esteem and motivate them to work harder.


Remind them about their contributions

Another way to help your employees fight boredom is to constantly remind them of their contributions to the company. Boredom often occurs when they feel that there’s no purpose to what they’re doing.

If you give them a sense of purpose or proof that what they’re doing is for a greater good, then they won’t feel that their task or job is pointless. You can schedule a monthly meeting with all of your employees just to thank them for their hard work. You can also use this time to give certain awards that would motivate them to work harder.

For example, you can hand out awards for employees who came in on time for a whole month. This way, your other employees who came in late once or twice in the previous month would be inspired to do better this month.

Working in a factory, some people will eventually feel bored because their tasks can be repetitive. You can use the suggestions above to help them fight off boredom. But the best way to really make them work harder is to give them something to fight for.

This means that no matter what their position is in the company, every individual has a chance to be promoted to a higher position. Every person wishes to become something more and that’s what you can use to help your employees maintain their excitement in their jobs.


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