The Art of Customer Appreciation: How You Should Present It

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Gift-giving is an important aspect of every relationship, whether personal or professional. Everyone loves to receive gifts every once in a while. It is customary to show clients that you value their trust in your services in the construction industry.

A “thank you” can go a long way, but sometimes, you need to do more to show your appreciation. Aside from letting your clients know that you are thankful for their trust in you, you want to be on top of their minds the next time they need your services. From giving them special personalized coins to sending a personal note, there are many ways that you can show them that you value and appreciate them.

Why Customer Appreciation Is Important for Any Business

Expressing gratitude is important, even in our daily lives. When we show our gratitude to someone, we let them know that they matter to us. When it comes to business relationships, it is a way of showing your clients how important they are in your journey and success. Appreciating your valued customers strengthens your relationships and results in improved retention rates and even stronger customer loyalty.

How to Thank Your Customers

You do not have to wait until your project is finished to show your appreciation. You do not even have to wait until you get the budget from your boss. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about gifts is that they have to be grand to be appreciated.

  • Send them a handwritten note.

You may be tempted to send your clients a card, computer-printed with a thank-you note template. However, your client may see this as a generic thank-you card that you send to all clients. Why not take the time to write a personal thank-you note? Writing a quick note will not even take 5 minutes of your time. The gratitude will feel personal and well-meaning. It will definitely stand out in a sea of template notes and cards and impact your client.

  • Give a special gift.

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Gifts do not need to be grand to be meaningful. Even the tiniest of gifts can be special, such as custom challenge coins engraved with your company logo or the logo of your client’s company. You can also choose a gift that suits the personality and taste of your client. Is your client fond of cats? A simple cat pin for a lady or a pair of cat printed socks for a gentleman will be greatly appreciated. Is your client a coffee fiend? Then a gift card to their favorite coffee shop will be perfect.

Knowing your client is part of the trick. Be observant of their traits, favorites, and preferences. If your client is vegan, a gift certificate to a famous steakhouse will definitely score your bad points. Knowing your client’s preferences will make the gift more meaningful and greatly appreciated.

  • Remember special dates.

It may be much to remember, but remembering your client’s birthday can surely make you service provider of the year. You can have a notebook specifically for this, and some notes on your clients’ preferences. You can send an e-mail greeting or you can go out of your way and send a card and a cake.

Just imagine the surprise on your client’s face when he or she receives the gifts. He or she will surely be impressed with your thoughtfulness, which can pave the way to a stronger client-contractor relationship. If your client is married, sending them a greeting on their anniversary can help you stand out among the sea of contractors wooing him.

  • Stay connected with your previous clients.

Being done with the project does not mean your relationship with your client ends. He or she may have another project soon that will require your services. Keep in touch occasionally with an email. Send a birthday, anniversary, and holiday greetings. You can even call to check once in a while how the finished project is doing.

Keep up to date with your client’s activities on the news or social media such as LinkedIn. Did your client get a promotion? A congratulatory message will tell your client that you value your business relationship.

Your network is one of the best assets that you will have. They can put in a good word for you and can even give you referrals. Keep your network satisfied and happy and always within reach.

  • Be sincere.

Sincere gratitude and appreciation will go a long way. Regardless of how you will show your client your appreciation, always be sincere. Gimmicks will never work if people will feel their emptiness. Always be truthful with your gratitude and your clients will also genuinely reciprocate it.

Your clients are the bloodlines of your business. Building healthy friendships with them is key to a long-lasting and fruitful business relationship.


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