Strategies that Improve Efficiency and Productivity of Your Business


Improving the workflow or process of your business can be a great way of achieving business success and adding value to your enterprise. Inefficient business processes can easily result in a missed deadline, unsatisfied customer, stressed employee, or even increased operating cost.

Whether you are in the real estate development, retail, manufacturing, construction, or transportation industry, inefficient business procedures are likely to exist. However, this does not mean that you cannot put an end to such inefficient business practices.

To help you streamline your business and improve its efficiency, here are some of the highly recommended steps by business experts.

Delegate the Small Things

If you are a business owner or company manager, you should have realized by now that there are a finite number of hours in a day. Hence, it would be impossible for you to fulfill all department tasks at the same time by committing a single error.

To minimize errors and maximize the time of your workforce, you should learn to delegate tasks, especially those insignificant things. Avoid micromanaging the tasks, for it will surely defeat the very purpose task delegation.

To run your business more efficiently, you should learn to delegate things. However, before you delegate each task to your employee, you should first learn their strengths and weaknesses for this process to be highly effective.

Limit Interruptions, Practice Time Blocking

Whether the majority of your workforce is in the field or the office, you should learn to limit interruptions. This simply means that you should properly schedule meetings and gatherings for your employees and your business as a whole to be efficient.

Alex Moore, CEO, Boomerang, schedules multiple meetings on a single day rather than scattering them throughout the week. By focusing on a single task at a time, rather than splitting your attention across multiple tasks or schedules can increase productivity by up to 80%.

You should learn to get group meetings, calls, and other tasks into blocks, so you can create separate blocks of time for other activities that also matter.

Learn to Automate Certain Aspects of Your Business

Business automation nowadays is a necessity rather than a luxury. When it comes to managing your business, you should learn to adapt to the trend and technology around you.

When sending payouts to your employees or depositing to multiple bank accounts, you can rely on administration services to do it for you. In particular, outsourcing payroll services can help automate and increase the efficiency of your business multiple times.

This would be especially true for businesses scattered around the country. Taking advantage of administrative services such as payroll outsourcing will help you save time while reducing the direct cost of processing payroll.

Use Available Tools

Colleagues giving a fist bump
Colleagues giving a fist bump

If you are a traditional business owner and have not heard yet of applications and online tools, then you should look into it if you wanted to improve the efficiency of your business. Online tools and downloadable applications are readily available online to help business owners grow their business.

Similar to administration services that help automate business processes, tools, and applications like Slack, Zoom, Trello, and Asana, Skype, and so much more are highly effective in innovating your business. It is never too late to embrace change and adapt to current technology.

Establish Online Community and Resources

Having a healthy online community and reliable online resources for your business are key ingredients for improving its performance. When you have both community and resources, rest assured that you will have an interactive and dynamic business environment.

An online community is very useful if you want to get your message fast to your consumers or followers. Similarly, an online resource, such as a Knowledge Base, will encourage your clients to be more proactive with their queries and confusions. This approach will also curb unnecessary customer service calls or inquiries.

Be Comfortable in Taking Risks

Last but not least, you should be comfortable taking risks. Having an efficient business is not enough in today’s competitive industry. You should take steps for your business to be distinguished from others.

By doing so, you should take some calculated risks and become a leader in your industry and not simply remain a follower. Without risk, surely, there would be no innovation. If there would be no innovation, then your business would eventually become obsolete.

The efficiency of your business should never be overlooked, no matter how successful its current performance. Be open to change, and be flexible enough to adapt to the current trend in your specific industry.


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