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We live in a time when people are desperate for a vacation, for a time to get away from the stresses of the pandemic. Experts also say that an Airbnb or a home rental might be a safer and healthier option, especially since it won’t require vacationers to interact with more people, and they also have the freedom to prepare their own food and clean their own lodging.

If you are thinking of investing in a property as a staycation rental, this year might be the best time to do it. Here are some 2022 design trends to consider as you dream and plan for your vacation property:

home design

Open spaces for physical fitness

Don’t underestimate how many people want to stay physically fit even during their vacation, especially if there are not enough safe spaces in the area to go jogging or swimming. The pandemic has taught us that if we don’t have our physical health, we have nothing, so more and more people are moving towards caring for their bodies in holistic ways.

Consider hiring a tennis court contractor to see if you can install one in the land or house you bought, or an open basketball court. Health-conscious vacationers will be much more inclined to choose your rental over others since they will have the guarantee that they can sweat out the yummy food they consume during the staycation.

Focus on the family

Since we live in a time when we never know who might be carrying the virus, families are much more likely to stick together, even during fun vacations. When designing your rental, keep big families in mind. Incorporate as many rooms and bed spaces as possible, and make sure there are areas for kids as well.

Functional work station

Studies show that in 2021, 73 percent of full-time workers in the United States finally made a much-awaited return to the office, at least one workday per week. Every time COVID-19 restrictions eased up, however, more and more physical workplaces opened their doors once again. But even if companies are slowly opening up their physical spaces once again, the trend will most likely lean towards hybrid working, wherein employees have the freedom to work remotely for certain days of the week and be required to show up to work for others.

What does this trend mean for vacation spaces? We can conclude that vacationers would likely prefer rentals that have beautiful and well-designed workspaces. This means your vacation rental must have its own office, or at the very least, an area in the property where they can place their laptops and get to work. Make sure your rental has high-speed internet and plenty of electrical sockets for those who want to retreat to your property for some much-needed productivity.


Cottagecore is an aesthetic and lifestyle that started during the height of the pandemic when people across the globe realized the value of being surrounded by nature and the simple pleasures in life. It is marked by greenery, simple living, traditional lifestyle, and others. If you’re lucky enough to buy land in an area surrounded by trees and grass, that’s already half the battle. Just make sure that the design of the home matches the aesthetic—not too modern or up-to-the-minute. Lean hard in the farmhouse aesthetic, encourage your tenants to tend to the garden, and consider having pets in the area.

Dark academia or Gothic

A trend that started as a TikTok subculture, the dark academia aesthetic and lifestyle is reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe—all dark tones like maroon, navy blue, dark grey, deep brown, and must evoke the look and feel of fall. If the rental property is located near a university or college town, consider maximizing this design trend. More students will be likely to be drawn towards your listing, especially if you nail the trend.

At its core, dark academia celebrates all things scholarly, so if you have some hardbound books and novels, add them to the shelves as an aesthetic choice. You can even style one space so that it’s like a mini library straight out of Hogwarts.


Another design trend you can consider is sustainability. Use reclaimed and all-natural materials for every aspect of the property, and you can be sure that Gen Z and Millennial vacationers who care about the planet would be attracted to your listing.

Investing in a vacation rental is a potentially lucrative business opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. Just make sure to get ahead of the trends so that your listing has everything a vacationer might look for during the pandemic.


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