Setting up a Cleaning Business Without Money

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Not a lot of people are great at cleaning and organizing. If you notice that you seem to have a talent for it, why not turn it into a profitable business? Don’t have the capital? No worries. A cleaning business doesn’t need much except for the required state permits and licenses, as well as the tools and devices you need. Other than that, you can start accepting clients as soon as you set up your license and permit.

What’s so great about a cleaning business, anyway, and is it truly profitable? If the past year has taught you anything, it’s that cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are the triad of preventing a coronavirus outbreak. It should have also taught you the importance of finding another source of income. Since your regular job may not survive the pandemic, it’s time to take a look at what businesses you can start. And because the demand for cleaning services is at an all-time high, this might be the most lucrative business you can venture into without a big capital.

Look for Suppliers

You can indeed start a business without much capital. How is that possible? Thanks to e-commerce companies, you can buy supplies in bulk at a low price compared to the prices offered by local suppliers. Aside from offering cleaning services, you can sell cleaning supplies to your clients. If you can target businesses and sell the cleaning items in bulk, you will have a better profit. Small businesses, for example, will buy cleaning rags in bulk because that will save them more time and money.

Aside from looking for suppliers for your cleaning services, look also for an opportunity to do retail on the side. You’ll earn much more this way. Selling your top-quality cleaning products while also using them for your cleaning services is a form of advertisement.

Do the Cleaning Yourself

The best way to start a business without much capital is if you can do it on your own. This will eliminate the labor costs. Instead of paying someone to do the job for you, why not do it yourself in the meantime? This way, you can recuperate faster the capital you spent on purchasing cleaning tools, devices, and supplies. You can do it every weekend or whenever you have time. Remember to accept bookings in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Doing it on your own will allow you to ease into the business, too. There isn’t much pressure since you won’t be compensating anyone but yourself. You can fine-tune the process and the price points as you go along. When the time is right, and you have enough clients, you can start hiring a couple of employees.

Learn on Your Own

In the beginning, you might want to enroll in some classes to learn about the latest in cleaning methods. Yes, there are classes for cleaning homes and offices. That’s why professionals and experts do it so differently. But as you learn the ropes of the business, you can start learning on your own—enrolling in online classes, watching YouTube tutorials, and engaging industry leaders. While investing in training and workshops is a must for every business, you can also learn much by doing things yourself. That way, you save the capital you don’t already have.

Write Your Own Blog

The best way to market your cleaning business is to use the internet. Since you do not have the budget for an expensive marketing campaign, you can try your hand at blogging. As you’re doing the cleaning yourself, you have the proper knowledge to share with your audience. The best way to write about something is to be an “expert” on it. Your audience will more than believe you. They will turn into your customers, expanding your market and allowing your business to progress more than you thought possible.

Marketing a business and growing its brand are the two most important things you should do even without the budget for it. You do not need to be a prolific writer to capture your audience. The expansive knowledge about the topic will attract the customers you seek.

It is not impossible to grow a cleaning business without money. It might even be a possible business idea to grow if you do not have the capital. The target market and demands are bigger now. The supplies are accessible. Beyond that, the future of a cleaning business is bright as its selling point remains the biggest game-changer in the industry in the past year: your health.


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