Starting an Agricultural Business: 5 Ideas to Consider

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Agriculture is a lucrative business, and the number of new companies entering the field keeps increasing. According to the USDA’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, there are currently 2.04 million farms in the United States with total sales of over $389 billion. That’s an average of around $190,000 per farm.

This means that entering this business can be very lucrative, but you need to know the right business ideas to pursue. Whether you’re looking to start a small business or a large-scale operation, plenty of profitable agricultural business ideas can turn your passion into profit. This blog post will explore five of the best agricultural business ideas.

Crop Production

Starting a crop production business can be an excellent way to generate a hefty profit. It requires minimal start-up costs and provides an easy entry into the competitive agricultural market. To get started, it is vital to have a clear plan and knowledge of the demand for specific crops in your area and local weather patterns and seasons.

Consider considering greenhouse production and cold storage options to extend your season further. Additionally, it pays to research soil composition requirements for different crops, maintenance techniques such as irrigating or fertilizing soil, pest management techniques, and how to store the product until it is sold.

Developing relationships with farmers’ markets and other vendors will bolster prospects for success and ensure that you get the most from your crop production business venture.

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a profitable agricultural business idea for those looking to enter the agriculture industry. It involves purchasing the necessary animals and providing them with the proper care, immunizations, and nourishment they need to be successful. A healthy herd of animals can make you money through their sale and any additional products (such as eggs and milk).

However, you need to invest in quality equipment to ensure the overall health of your animals and to maximize the number of products you’ll be able to produce. For example, A bumper-pull livestock aluminum trailer will provide a secure way to transport your animals to their new homes or shows throughout the year. It also can keep you organized with storage compartments built into the trailer’s design.

Greenhouse Production

Greenhouse production can be highly profitable because it allows you to control climate conditions while growing plants in an enclosed environment. With the right knowledge of climate control and technological investments, this type of controlled-environment agriculture can be incredibly lucrative.

You could grow vegetables, fruits, and ornamental flowers inside your own greenhouses, extending seasonal yields and ensuring greater crop protection while minimizing pesticide and herbicide use. Even without land access, you can become an urban farmer with the right mix of creativity and know-how!

Landscaping & Gardening

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If you have a knack for gardening and landscaping, then this could be a great way to make money from your skillset. With a low start-up cost and base of expertise, it’s one of the most economical agricultural business ideas out there.

Utilizing your knowledge of plants, shrubs, soil, and natural elements, you are able to build unique customized landscapes for your clients – improving the look and increasing their home value.

Additionally, you can offer ongoing services such as lawn mowing, snow removal, seasonal planting care, pruning services, and more. There is no doubt that with strategic planning, hard work, and dedication, this type of agricultural business has the potential to excel greatly in any market.


Aquaculture is an increasingly profitable agricultural business idea as the demand for fish and other seafood products continues to rise with a growing population. As of 2018, one-third of the world’s commercial fish were harvested from aquaculture operations.

Through aquaculture, you can raise a variety of species on your own private farm, creating a safe and controlled environment conducive to healthy growth. Tending to fish ponds or tanks requires detailed attention, such as adjusting water quality levels, controlling populations through harvesting, and introducing “clean” fish at periodic intervals.

Major investments must also occur for food sources like pelletized feed or natural foods, depending on the species you want to raise; however, it can be extremely rewarding once established. Aquaculture provides a lucrative opportunity that could increase your chances of success in the agricultural market – making it an attractive option for those looking to become more involved in this industry.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, plenty of profitable agricultural business ideas are out there waiting for entrepreneurs willing to take advantage of them! Whether it’s farming crops or animals, greenhouse production, landscaping/gardening services, poultry production or even aquaculture – the possibilities are endless when it comes to setting up an agricultural business venture that will bring in steady profits over time! With careful planning and dedication – success is within reach!


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