Quick Money Online: How Students Can Get Their First Paycheck On The Internet

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Students’ jobs are not limited to physical offices, libraries, restaurants, and shops. There are also online jobs for everybody, including students equipped with skills and expertise.

What Skills Are Needed To Get A Job Online?

Working online is so convenient, especially when you are a student. There are only a few things that you need to get started: an efficient computer, a quiet environment, and a strong Internet connection. Of course, you have to be equipped with the skills that employers look for to work for them.

Do you have a knack for writing and blogging? Copywriting is one of the most well-paid jobs online. If you are proficient in tasks using MS-Office, you can try encoding, data entry, and virtual assistance jobs. Are you multilingual? Maybe, you can look for translation jobs and get paid by the hour. Students majoring in information technology have an advantage, especially if they are good at web design, search engine advertising, graphic design, and programming, among others.

Profitable Jobs For Students

Since remote working is prevalent, getting your dream job can be hard. These online jobs are trending. You might have a hard time landing on one of them. But for sure, you will be happy earning and gaining long-term skills that you can use later in your career or business.

Online Tutor

Did you graduate high school with flying colors? Share your knowledge and earn extra income as an online tutor. Be it mathematics, English, or writing, many students out there need your help. You might also want to tutor learners from other levels. Plenty of elementary and middle school kids out there would like to get assistance remotely. The average salary for an online tutor is between 13-20 USD per hour.

Search Engine Evaluator

You don’t have to be top in class or be the cool kid in school. All you need is to belong to a certain group of people with the right demographics who can answer questions from a company or search engine. To improve their services, Google and Bing set up surveys requiring search engine evaluators to fill out feedback forms. Their responses will become the basis for improvement later on. Google, in turn, will pay their chosen independent contractors online after answering the survey. The average U.S. salary for this job is between 12-25 USD per hour.

Social Media Manager

Convert your time spent scrolling social media to dollars. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have become part of our daily routines; thus, being a social media manager can be something handy for you. Are you good at composing comments or posts that motivate people to like or subscribe to a product? A good social media manager can create a good following on social media, create interesting questions, and prompts to stimulate conversations and actions. The salary for this job depends on your qualification and experience.

Freelance Writer

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Freelance writers work hand in hand with social media managers. The writers are the ones who will write the content of the page. The social media manager will enhance it later on. Students can become freelance writers with the right experiences in journalism, blogging, and copywriting. They should present a portfolio and links containing previously published works. They also need to be updated on marketing trends and research to become a wellspring of ideas. A full-time writer employee earns up to 61 USD. Salaries for freelancers depend on skill and negotiation.

Resume Writer

Who would have thought that resume writing will become a lucrative job online! Recently, the demand for resume writers increased with the growing list of people who lack the skills to present their papers’ successes. Resumes play a big part in achieving your dream job. This is where the role of resume writers comes in. They ensure that the client’s resume will shine through and speak to recruiters effectively. The average salary for this position is between 15-25 USD per hour.

Many remote companies are looking for freelancers to join their teams. Who knows, an opportunity awaits for you on the Internet! To be noticed online, you should work on your resume. Organize it in a way that all relevant skills and experiences are plotted carefully. Also, learn how to balance your time for work and school.

Even if you are working online, you still have the responsibility to get good grades in class. This can be a struggle, especially if you are working in a different time zone. To avoid this, you should be clear with your expectations and limitations with your online employer so that they can make certain deadline adjustments.


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