Choosing a Penthouse as Your Next-gen Asset

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Most billionaires will tell you that real estate is a good investment today. If you go back a few decades, you will find that many businessmen got rich after investing in the right properties. Then, they invested that money on various asset purchases and income-churning ventures.

So investing in real estate is a great idea. Penthouses are even more lucrative than normal houses and apartments. You get to experience the skyline, the panoramic vistas and also breathe unadulterated air.

Although initial purchase costs seem high, your investment kitty cannot get any better. Keep the penthouse for your future generations to enjoy, or sell it off at triple the value when you need cash for your family. You should be reading some reasons why this asset can prove to be a success at any instance.

Structural Benefits


This is the first factor that comes to mind when talking about penthouses. Very few units are available at any given point. Moreover, they get sold easily. Most of them cost 5-15 percent more than the other properties in the same building. You have to pay extra, due to the beautiful amenities like open space, and best views. Additionally, you can stay there for some time to feel the aura yourself before you let in others.

They are indeed worth every dollar you pay. It is no doubt luxurious, and luxury does appreciate more than any mediocre product in the long run. You can put the abode for sale at any moment the market seems promising.


Penthouses are often located in prime areas. The prices per sq. feet in such areas can vary largely. The area’s cost will appreciate over time, no matter if your dream haven gets older by the day. Moreover, if you are on the top of the building, you can enjoy more oversized windows, high ceilings, and more natural light.

Thus, it makes them energy-efficient as well. You do not need to take assistance from temperature control systems. Moreover, you do not get to hear the traffic noises and constant honking of cars. You can also get heightened privacy.


The layout of penthouses is also different from that of other apartments and houses. There will be customization at every point. You get the spacious rooms, strongest walls, double-glazed windows, and a swimming pool too. You can also fit in Jacuzzis, gardens, and gyms for added appreciation in the days to come.

Direct Monetary Benefits

All-Year Income

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Penthouses are residential properties that generate an all-year income. You only have to shell out some money in the form of legal expenses. Get an agreement from the best lawyer, and let it out. Tenants look to live in such places and work in the same city.

Moreover, you can let them out to companies as well. Most companies are looking for temporary guest houses for their offshore staff. So apart from getting a neat income, you get it maintained through the occupants themselves.

Elite Buyer Pool

This is another advantage of buying a penthouse for investment purposes. They are less affected by market volatility. And will always sell for more than the normal apartments. Moreover, you get elites to buy the property, and they are also unaffected by factors like recession and disposable incomes. Thus, making it a sound investment.

Rise of Transient Tenants

More and more people who have very high disposable incomes are looking for homes on rent. It is usually at their place of work. Ownership is not a necessity for such people, but luxury living is. It is as good as living in a luxury seven-star hotel.

Penthouses are nothing short of that. If you want a city-based lifestyle in the metros in the states, it has got to be in a penthouse. They are also built to meet all the modern needs of the new generation of millennials.

Not Vulnerable

The penthouses are not dependent on short-term fluctuations as the stock markets. You are the owner of a tangible asset, where you can enjoy your life or rent it out, or sell it off, later.  Additionally, you can avail yourself of several tax benefits. Real estate does bring in huge tax savings.

In some cases, you do not have to pay taxes for certain investment properties. One such tax exemption that you can claim is the capital tax. If you are buying the penthouse and giving it on rent, you can evade the tax.

The global uncertainty amidst the pandemic has made real estate cheaper. You can take benefit of the volatile markets and invest in properties, rent out now, and sell-off when prices appreciate. Moreover, this investment is a fixed asset that your children can enjoy after you.


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