Peace of Mind: Emotionally Supporting the Elderly in a Care Facility

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We all love our parents and our grandparents, and seeing them age can be the scariest thing we could experience. As much as we would like to take care of them until their last days, we often can’t due to having lives of our own. We might end up leaving them unattended or unable to give them the proper care and attention that they need.

In such situations, you may want to consider helping them move to a living facility for the elderly, but what do you do when they take it as being left behind? Here are some suggestions on what you can do to ease their minds.

Look for a Trustworthy Place

There could be horror stories with nursing facilities. That’s the reason why you should look thoroughly for options when it comes to looking for a nursing home in South Ogden. Don’t just admit your elderly family member without considering everything about the facility. Try to check for the feedback of the families under their care. Are they happy or at least satisfied with the attention that’s given to their elderly? If you can, take the time to tour the place itself. Check for any indication of improper care. When it comes to their offerings, consider if they fit your family member’s needs as well as your budget.

Let Them Express Their Thoughts

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Some of our elderly, at the news of being sent to a care facility, might think that being worthless is the reason why they’re there. Acknowledge what they feel but also assure them that you are doing this for their sake. Help them understand that it has a higher capability of taking care of them than you do. Remind them that you are doing this for their own good, and that you want them to receive the best care that they can. It can be difficult now, but as long as you’re actually doing it for their sake, then you have nothing to worry about.

Check on Them Regularly

As we know, you have the option for a temporary or permanent admission. Regardless of how long they will stay in the facility, it’s best to always check on them to let them feel that you’re still there looking out for them. Even if you are not physically with them, they can be assured that you think of them and you still care. This is a common problem with some people, they feel that they are already abandoned and that’s why, instead of recovering well and early, they become stressed. And this can cause their health to deteriorate even more. If you can, visit them at a regular time. Tell them stories, or if you can’t, call them once in a while. Ask them about their day, and make them feel that you are still interested with what they are going through.

Being alone in a living facility away from your family and home can be a sad experience for someone in their old age. However, getting support from loved ones even if they are away could give them hope to still wake up the next day. They can also come to treat it as just another new experience in their life.


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