6 Online Tools That Help You With Investments

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Online tools are life savors in every field. Whether you work in marketing, education, or finance, you need to invest in some online tools to ease your business. But they’ve truly changed the face of money management as we know it.

Corporations are relying on software to handle their finances and track investments. Other than some essential services like IT support services, business development, and project management, most services are performed by software programs.

They are smart, quick, and easy to use. Not only companies but individuals can also leverage the benefits of these amazing expense tracker apps, investment tracking software, and many more. They have many benefits:

  • They let you invest from anywhere in the world
  • They are quick and efficient
  • They come with additional features to track, manage and save your money

man using a smartphone

These are online tools you need to manage your money

  1. Your online banking app

This seems like a no-brainer but it really isn’t. Most people don’t the banking apps to track expenses. The reason is pretty simple — they want to try new software and apps. But basic budgeting and money management can be done from your banking app. It contains all the information about your finances and your salary credits here. So, this is the first place that you should look into when it comes to managing it.

Just take a few minutes in a day to look into your banking app and see where your money is going. There are some transactions that we make in hurry and pay no heed to it but your banking apps track everything. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of where your money is going.

  1. PocketGuard

As the name suggests, PocketGuard protects your bank account from any third-party activity that poses threat to its functionality. Every day we hear so many credit card breaches that it seems everybody is under attack. You need something to protect your account. This app also analyses your payments, transactions, and debts so you can manage your money effectively.

  1. MorningStar

The basic MorningStar membership is totally free which works best for individual investors. There’s also a paid version that may be useful for companies and corporations. They help you find, evaluate and manage your investments. This covers all the necessary steps that you go through as an investor.

This is a great app for new investors as it provides the definitions of investment terms on your portfolio. For example, if you see “bond mutual fund” written on your portfolio, it explains what it means. Morningstar is an essential software to have for both young and old investors.

  1. MSN Money

This tool allows you to find out whether a stock is worth researching further and investing money in. If you search for a company stock on the website, it will show you the performance of the stock over the years. It analyses its day, week, month, and years’ performance.

It allows shows the total revenue and gross profit secured by the company. You can analyze this data and compare various companies to select the one that you’re most interested in. The best part is the information about each share. It provides information about the dividend per share. You can select a company that shows consistent improvements in stock prices.

  1. Acorns

This is most interesting on the list as you’ll invest your money without even realizing it. Has a Walmart cashier ever asked you to round up your payment to the next dollar so that they can donate the remaining to some charity? It is generally a good idea as we donate without even realizing it. Acorns took that idea and used it for investments.

Whenever you buy something with your credit card, it allows you to invest the loose change. This process of investing is quite seamless as each investment totals around 50 cents or 75 cents. The idea is to take a small amount of money and invest it to make some profit. It’s great for college students who don’t have that much money for investments.

  1. Fundrise

Fundrise is for all real estate lovers. This software allows you to invest in real estate properties. The idea is to take several investors to pool their money into a rental property and share the profits. If you understand the potential of real estate investments then you know how good this idea is. In comparison with real properties, this investment can beat them in terms of profit.

If you are a beginner to the world of finance, but money-minded, then it’s time to start learning. As you can see, there are several tools out there to help you perform quite well with money. All you need to do is gather basic knowledge is start leveraging the power of tech. There’s no telling what you can achieve.


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