Money and Fitness: Investing in the Right Equipment


Add cable machines to your home gym today and experience a higher level of not only one but two fundamental training routines. It allows you to perform various exercises on a single device, which means you can synchronously work on multiple muscle groups. You can reach a significant level of strength and functionality in no time by using this home gym equipment.

A cable machine is versatile and limitless. It allows you to modify and switch up your routines every once in a while. It features a vast multiple-plane approach of unrestricted motion as well as adjustable parts. This machine is efficient and economical by reducing the need for buying additional equipment. You can save more time, space, and money while improving your fitness level.

Making the Right Investment

This machine is also suitable for those who want to start their fitness centers. If you are planning to achieve the most out of your money’s worth, you might want to choose a cable machine as your centerpiece. Aside from its various features, it remains a piece of ideal equipment because of its durability and minimal requirement for maintenance. Some units have an additional multi-user design which is helpful for all training facilities and gyms.

Benefits of Cable Machines

Cable machines are today’s most popular functional and weight training equipment that you can often see at most home gyms, fitness centers, and gym facilities. It has a structural design of a vertically-oriented rectangular steel frame. A weight stack is present at both ends of the machine, which are interconnected by cables. The equipment is almost similar to adjustable rigging blocks and pulleys. In addition, it has handles open for modification at any desired height.

The cable machine is known to target all muscle groups in your body. Depending on your position and movements, you can get an excellent full-body workout. It all comes down to your preference on which area to focus on and what types of exercise you want to perform. You can benefit at the same time if you wish to improve your chest muscles, your abdominal muscles, your back muscles, as well as your hips and your legs too.

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Types of Cable Machines

Single Cable

The cables of this type are typically accessible on the outer rims of every cable machine station. Otherwise known as the simple cable, a single cable machine works on one cable system, which is slightly heavier and harder to manage than other types.

When deciding the weight to carry on the device, you should remember that the exact amount of load you choose is the same amount you will lift. This type of machine is preferred if you perform ab-toning crunches, arm bends, or shoulder raises.

Double Cable

If this is your first time trying this equipment, several experts recommend using a dual cable machine. The compound cables are most familiar as the beginner-friendly machine, having two lines that allow a more massive load to rise through a shorter distance. This setup is why this type of cable machine is relatively easier to operate than the simple one.

The cables are present on the inner rim of the station, promoting a decreased amount of weight when lifted. You can only feel half as much of the initial load you have chosen, making it favorable for newcomers.

Variable Resistance

This type of cable machine allows the muscles to be balanced to promote even distribution of force throughout the muscles. The process involves switching the amount of space between an axle and the fixed weight.

The margin between the loads and the axle point shrinks as you peak your exercise to more accessible lift the load. However, the opposite happens on more straightforward levels to maintain a certain balance on the challenges.

Fixed Resistance

The system and cables in this type of cable machine are pre-set and are not adjustable. This configuration prompts for various resistance and energy expended along with the different points of the routine. Unlike the others, a fixed resistance does not evenly spread the force but instead focuses on a single situation. It does not consider angle, movement, and gravity to make adjustments but instead sticks with one.

Cable-based strength and weight training routines bring a lot of benefits to your overall health by improving functionality, physical appearance, as well as mental satisfaction. Aside from those, it also offers advantages that are continuously unmatched by other machines.

With a cable machine, you can perform a variety of exercises without the additional cost. Thus, resulting in more significant gains in your financial needs. Indeed, it’s a worthwhile investment that will bring countless benefits in the long run.


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