Keep Your Home’s Exterior Looking Great with This Checklist

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Your home’s exterior is a major part of your home. The problem is that people often ignore it. Interior maintenance is easy enough to do because you can see something wrong immediately. Exterior maintenance will need you to go out and do some checking.

If you want to ensure that your house exterior stays looking great, here is a checklist to go through so that you can ensure that different parts of your exterior stay in great shape.

Start From the Top

One of the most important parts of your house exterior is your roof. Checking it out and ensuring that it is in good shape should be one of your priorities. A bad-looking roof can mean that it is leaky. You won’t find out unless it starts raining.

The best way to start checking is to just use a pair of binoculars and check from various angles. You can even use digital cameras with zoom so that you can look at the various details of the damage. There are several parts to focus on. For one, there are the shingles of the roof. They should be complete, and there is nothing missing. Flashing around the chimney and the corners are also another thing to focus on. They can easily become a source of leaks.

Don’t just focus on the top of the roof. The gutters and downspouts ensure that the water from rains doesn’t end up directly on your wall sidings. Keep them clean so that the water drains away from the house.

Move to the Sides

construction worker painting the house wallNow that the roof is done, you should move on to the sides of your house. Your main focus here is to ensure that they are waterproof and look great. The sidings are easy enough to check. You will notice if there are any cracks or problems. If there are any problems, you may need to do some wall repairs. Even if there is no damage, you may need to do some painting. The elements may start washing out the color from your sidings, so painting a new coat on it is a big help.

Besides the walls, you will want to check out your doors and windows. Windows are pretty important since they are all over your house. The wooden frames around both doors and windows can have gaps and cracks. You will want to seal them up, or you may want to completely replace everything to modernize your window frame. Your windows also may need some cleaning.

Look at Your Lawn

After the main part of your house, it is time to move to the lawn. You need to check your patio and deck so that they look great. Being exposed to the elements can result in them deteriorating. You may need to replace and repair them. Next, the grass and shrubs in your lawn will need looking after. Contact lawn service companies if they look wilted or if they look overgrown.

It may seem like large amounts of work. But all of it can actually be done in one day. Reserve a day every six months that you can go through the checklist above. Following the checklist will ensure that your home will look great for a long time and impress your neighbors.


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