Choosing the Best Investment Vehicle to Grow Your Savings

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Allowing your savings to grow through investments is better than letting it sleep in your bank account. Even with the obvious advantages, finding things to invest in is not easy, since most investment vehicles present too much risk with too few returns. But investing won’t only help you in growing your hard-earned money, some investments also offer ways for you to have a secure future.   Giving you a brief introduction on how investments work, below are some popular types of investments, so you can start increasing the value of your money.


Investing in things that will have value even hundreds of years from now is probably one of the safest things to invest in. Commodities that can be converted to goods, such as oil, base metal, and gold are some of the most secure, yet unreliable goods to trade. These assets are volatile goods since their values change based on environmental situations and are greatly influenced by external factors, leading for their prices, interest, and exchange rates to fluctuate.

On the other hand, these goods are also secure because they are essential ingredients of necessary products like gas, plastics, cosmetics, medicine, and jewelry. They also have the capability to withstand the effects of inflation, and even have their value increase during such economic times because of the rise in demand.

Property Investment

Another investment vehicle that is secure and reliable is property investment. Through investing in properties with the help of reliable private real estate lenders, you get to grow your money by renting it out or selling it. Known as a profitable business that possesses certain chances of high returns, this will give you a steady income and a regular cash flow, which you can then use to invest in other things.

Properties are versatile assets since it gives you the choice to develop your land and have it leased, or just leave it as it is and give the freedom of improving it for future buyers or renters. Either way, steady income is sure to be generated.

Index Funds

Ideal for first-time investors, investing in index funds means that you place your investments across several stocks, giving it the potential to generate higher returns with just minimal supervision. A preferred choice even between seasoned investors, index funds offer lesser risks than other kinds of investments and are easier to manage because of their buy-and-hold nature. This type of investment works by mimicking the performance of a benchmark index, and because it’s passively managed, there are also lower operating fees involved. A safe and budget-friendly bet, it does not require you to shell out money to pay for managers, advisers, taxes, and transaction and accounting fees.


A popular type of investment, buying stocks offers slow but sure returns if invested in quality shares. Being a shareholder means you become one of the company’s owners, allowing you to enjoy its successes whenever the value of your shares increases. Even though stocks are volatile investments, they are also one of the types that offer high returns.

Great for the long run, investing in stocks, if done the right way and with companies that have secure and steady growth, will let you enjoy the efforts you’ve exerted in your later years. To realize this, it is best that you invest in corporations you are interested in, so that you can consistently monitor your shares.


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If you prefer not to have a third party involved, starting your own business would be the most viable option for you. By investing in your own products, you get to keep the most returns with only having to shell out little money for your rental (for physical stores), manufacturing, and payroll fees (If you’re going to hire employees), plus licenses and certificates.

The drawbacks of establishing your own venture would be the amount of work you have to put in, since unlike with investing in stocks, bonds, properties, and commodities, putting your money in business will require active management. Having your own business will also require you to make a marketing plan, so you can introduce your brand to the market.

Retirement Fund

More of a need and an essential, investing in a retirement fund is not exactly for the purpose of growing your money. Though it is certainly one of its objectives, having a retirement fund is mostly for you to live a comfortable life in your later years. There are plenty of benefits investing in a retirement fund at a young age can bring. Aside from it being practical, saving money for your retirement years will also help keep you secure and give you peace of mind by knowing that you are provided for each month.

To summarize, there is a risk in every investment plan, but by prudently choosing what kind of investment vehicle to trust, you can enjoy high return rates and even grow your wealth.


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