Increasing Property Value: Why The Kitchen Is A Must-renovate

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Renovations and remodeling projects are the norms in real estate development. Whether to get the most out of a loan refinancing or wanting to make the property look more appealing, they are here to stay for good. However, a glaring issue that many real estate agents, homeowners, and contractors face is the risk of a project being a hit or miss. And one room infamously known for denting budget plans is none other than the kitchen.

The Kitchen’s Critical Role In Home Dynamic

Now, most of us are aware of the kitchen’s role in the household; all the cooking and food preparation happens here, and it receives the highest foot traffic compared to the rest of the house. As such, real estate investors spend a great deal designing the kitchen to impress and make the room an instant deal-closer.

Keeping up with design trends and appealing to everyone rsquo;s preferences is no easy task, and when you try to do too much, you run the risk of overspending and compromising your ROI. So, to give you a solid base and a fundamental selection that won’t turn its back on you, here are our suggestions for kitchen renovations aimed at increasing property value.

Planning The Layout

The most crucial step in any kitchen makeover is planning the layout first before committing to any upgrades. We know how tempting it can be to get the best and latest for a kitchen, but when you end up cramming in too much, you restrict functional space, and people will lose interest. Your kitchen needs to flow properly, and people shouldn’t feel limited in their cooking space.

  • Opening Up The Kitchen: Modern design and aesthetics are starting to resurface with an open kitchen layout that directly connects to the dining area or living room. As the name suggests, it opens up space and makes the home feel much bigger. So, if you can afford to tear down a few walls and make it work, this would make an excellent upgrade.
  • An Effective Storage Plan: While having more storage is generally good, putting in extra storage space that offers zero function will only ruin the kitchen space. So, try incorporating a spot for kitchen essentials and appliances ahead of time.

Choosing Cabinets

While cabinets may seem like the most unappealing part of a kitchen, they make up a great deal of the room and can transform the look of any cooking area. However, when you aren’t careful, it’s easy to blow a huge chunk of your budget on choosing cabinets, so here are your options.

  • Keep Them: If they’re in relatively good shape and still look decent aesthetics-wise, you can get away with keeping them. We suggest giving them a new coat of paint with a smooth finish, so don’t cheap out on hiring a professional.
  • Starting Fresh: Of course, if your budget allows it, you can also opt to start fresh and install new kitchen cabinets. This gives you more control over finalizing the room’s general design, and quality ones can last for decades, making them an excellent investment.

Beautiful Kitchen Counters

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Aesthetically pleasing kitchen counters are to die for, and if you’ve ever seen people go all-out on remodeling, choosing a beautiful countertop can make everything come together. Whether going for a more modern look, a bolder design, or maybe an eclectic take, countertops can turn a simple kitchen into magazine feature-worthy rooms.

  • Granite: Durable, affordable, and readily available in different colors. Granite takes first place as the most popular choice of material and for a good reason. Despite it being on the cheaper side, it doesn’t compromise aesthetics, and you get a lot of freedom working with it.
  • Concrete: While concrete may not suit everyone’s preferences, you can’t deny how modern-looking it can be and the number of points you score in the design department. Plus, they’re incredibly durable, and you transform them into any thickness and stained to any color as well.
  • Marble: if you want to spend a little bit extra for the glamor aspect, nothing elevates a kitchen’s design other than marble. Although it does stain and scratch easily, so be extra careful when working with this material.

Get The Essential Appliances

Finally, don’t forget to check off the essential appliances from your to-do list and make sure you get quality models. While the general kitchen design is important, you’re not going to get any offers if the appliances don’t match the aesthetics quality-wise. So, get the basic refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, stove, and you’re good to go for the most part.

Capitalizing On ROI

Overall, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you should definitely look into a proper kitchen upgrade or renovation. And whether it’s just for yourself or you’re planning to sell after two years of appreciation, nothing beats the satisfaction of a proper kitchen project.


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