Four Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Marketing

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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and all these modern digital technologies changed the world in more ways than one and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. One of the sectors that are truly being transformed is the world of business, especially marketing. Here are some ways AI is transforming how businesses and brands market themselves.

Content creation and curation

In a world where businesses and brands have to rely on content marketing and the internet to reach their target audience, AI has can potentially create and curate content, and not just find the right platforms to place the content in. Since AI is now being used to automate various repetitive day-to-day tasks, we can stand to reason that it can also be used to create and curate content, making the task of content marketing easier for people who are managing these businesses, so they can focus on their core tasks.

How this works is AI can help content strategists and writers come up with viable topics, and even potentially draft copies and contents based on specific frameworks. AI can also theoretically help marketing specialists come up with an end-to-end content strategy—a technology that some marketing solutions and tools are already employing. As time goes on, this feature might become even more prevalent, with little to no need for human labor.

Digital marketing

Since digital marketing relies heavily on large amounts of data to the point where businesses need a well-designed database architecture system to store information, there is always a high risk for human error. AI can help eliminate this risk by properly optimizing and streamlining various kinds of marketing campaigns, helping marketing teams collect, organize, and analyze data in efficient and accurate ways.

This is not to say that AI will ultimately take over the entire digital marketing process though; after all, to truly connect with consumers and audiences, the human touch is necessary—a quality that AI and robots obviously can’t bring to the table. AI might be able to enhance accuracy, but it can never generate ideas that can touch people’s hearts and communicate empathy during difficult times like 2021.

Digital advertising

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AI can also help and transform the way brands and businesses advertise, especially since so many of today’s strategies for digital advertising already involve some basic form of maximizing the technology. For example, without some AI-powered technologies and processes, many electronic billboards today would not work as well as they should. This is because many businesses use AI technology to place various kinds of ads on the right platforms, for the right audiences and consumers to see them at exactly the right time.

Advertising specialists work with brands to employ big data and complex algorithms to come up with this perfect storm of ads and target audiences coming together. This is a process called “programmatic advertising.” As time goes on, AI will continue to be a big tool for advertising specialists and brands, since it can be optimized to make advertising just as personalized as marketing.

Consumer behavior analytics

Since time immemorial, there has always been a connection between technology and commerce, and the 21st century is no exception. When computer experts once only worked for businesses that are trying to come up with new computer technologies, they are now working on the marketing side of different kinds of companies. More and more corporations and even smaller businesses are enlisting the help of programmers and data scientists to help marketing specialists make sense of consumer behavior through predictive and data analytics.

The internet is obviously a complex place, with billions and billions of data sets that human specialists cannot possibly analyze by themselves. Enter AI and machine learning, which can help marketing teams understand deep insights into how their audiences browse, purchase, and others. AI and machine learning can help play a big part in personalizing interactions between brands and their target demographic based on the data sets they collect. As time goes on, AI and machine learning might be able to predict consumer behavior, and not just analyze it after the fact.

The Future is AI

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are investing many of their resources into AI, machine learning, and similar technologies, and understandably so. The world of business is growing far too complex and competitive to leave everything up to chance, and these are tools that will surely provide a return of investment. And when combined with the skills and experience of human specialists in the field, brands and businesses are better positioned to reach their goals and objectives.


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