4 Homemade Crafts You Can Turn Into Home-Based Businesses


The pandemic put many things to a halt, especially career opportunities and business-related plans. You will find that it is challenging to get things done within the limits of your property. Fortunately, businesses managed to adjust to work-from-home setups for employees, ensuring that careers can continue despite lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and quarantine strategies.

However, starting a business can get a little tricky. While many entrepreneurs can run their ventures at home, it can be challenging to figure out how to secure supplies, tools, equipment, and personnel when stuck within their residential properties. Fortunately, the digital and online world can take care of many tasks for you, leaving the manufacturing process of products as the problem. If you want to start a business during the pandemic, you can proceed with homemade products like these.

Clothing Design Customizer

Clothes will always be an essential part of people’s lives regardless if they are suffering from a pandemic or not. The high demand opens an opportunity for you to make a profit in the comfort of your home. However, creating clothes can be challenging because your residential property does not offer the space necessary for the manufacturing process.

What you can do is center your business around designing existing clothes. Many families, businesses, and social groups love to customize their accessories and outfits to create uniforms. You can purchase plain clothes by the bulk, taking away your need to manufacture them. A printing press can be massive, but you might only need two or three pieces to create your home-based T-shirt design customizer business. Once you receive requests, you can draw their ideas using virtual drawing software and print them out on the clothes.

Creativity will be necessary for business, making it essential that you practice and improve on your craft.

Scented Candles

scented candles

Most home-based ideas rely on crafting skills, but you will find that you can create products using other finished materials. Wholesale fragrance oils can turn into many business products that home-based entrepreneurs can profit from during the pandemic. Among them are scented candles, which can attract many customers.

You can provide people with many options for their scented candles. You will find that the manufacturing process is simple enough to understand and perform, making it an ideal low-cost venture during the pandemic. However, you will have to ensure that your marketing strategies are on point. Since candlemaking requires little investment, entrepreneurs stuck at home might have the same idea. If the venture does not work out, you can try other products that can help you utilize fragrance oils.


Craftmanship can be a hobby and a profitable business opportunity. Since most people have to stay home, they might have the time to look at their pieces of furniture and notice that they require a specific design. This situation is where your skills can help them.

Creating household items such as chairs, tables, and stools tailor-fit to your customers’ requests can be profitable. Most of the time, homeowners will go to a store and get disappointed because none of the existing products fit the one they had in mind. They might settle for the closest design, but your business could provide them with a better option. More importantly, your customers might enjoy the benefits of lower price tags. When they feel satisfied with your craft, they might become regular customers.

You do not have to limit your business to furniture. You can create household items like wooden kitchen utensils, shelves, and other small objects homeowners require. As long as you have the crafting skills, you can maintain your business.



Similar to wooden crafts, you will find that people also require pottery. Everything from vases and pots to plates and mugs is necessary household items. Wood is not the ideal material for those pieces. If you have pottery skills, you will find that the manufacturing process will not be a problem. You can set up your station in a convenient location inside your residential property.

The only obstacle you might have to worry about is the extensive work of bulk orders. You might have to hire a few people or teach your family members, but you will find that pottery can become a profitable home-based business.

You can pursue many more home-based businesses during the pandemic, with most of them dedicated to online freelancing skills. However, you might want to take advantage of your craftsmanship without having to dedicate too much space to manufacturing processes. If that is the case, then these home-based business ideas can be profitable.


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