The Big Business of Home Organization

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When Netflix launched the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series, people began to pay attention to the clutter in their homes. Marie Kondo, the lead organizing consultant of the show, compelled people to reevaluate their possessions and ask themselves if these things still “spark joy.”

The show was a success, but it did not make a huge dent in the sales of home improvement stores.

Then the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit — and homeowners flocked to stores to buy canisters, shelves, and label makers. 2020 was the year of home editing, and organizing consultants saw their biggest projects yet; much more than the Marie Kondo trend brought for them.

The Therapy of Home Organization

During the first weeks of the pandemic, people experienced a massive shift in their daily lives. They are now confined to their homes. This sudden change took a toll on people’s mental health.

Before quarantine, stressed workers went to their favorite restaurants to have a glass of wine. Students had movie houses, skate parks, and shopping centers. Families went to parks for fresh air and picnics. As such, homes were simply a place to rest, shower, and eat.

When cities closed down, everything that used to be done elsewhere — coffee breaks, gym workout sessions — is now completed at home. The house was no longer a sanctuary. It became an office, school, gym, cinema, café, bakery, and more; all rolled into one.

The Rise of Home Improvement

Because of quarantine, homeowners resorted to DIY home improvement to adapt their living spaces according to this new lifestyle. Market Research reports that 39% of consumers finished projects like:

  • Building home offices
  • Building home gyms
  • Installing decks and pools
  • Repainting the interiors
  • Creating a garden
  • Improving outdoor lighting

No to Clutter

Once DIY projects were finished, homeowners turned their attention to the clutter.

Because people spend more time at home, they are more likely to notice the mess. They are also more likely to be inconvenienced by clutter. And if home organization has been a project they have been putting off, they now have the time to do it.

The concept of home organization is not just about being clean. It also entails beautiful, well-labeled containers that look alike. Think identical spice jars, baskets, and stackable acrylic organizers. When everything has a home, you access everything you need quickly. You accomplish more tasks in less time.

Home organization also has a mental aspect. A person’s environment affects the mind. If they are surrounded by clutter, they are more likely to feel lost and confused. But if their spaces are neat, they are more likely to focus and have a clear mind.

Additionally, home organization gives people a sense of calm inside the home. It assures them that they still have a degree of control in their lives, despite the uncertainties outside their homes.

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Brilliant Solutions

Here are some organization solutions that homeowners did for their living spaces.

Pantry Storage

Perhaps the biggest trend in home organization is pantry organization. People buy identical containers and divide their pantry supplies into categories. Some decant cereals and biscuits into uniform glass or acrylic jars. Chips and candies are placed in rose-gold or woven baskets. Food items in identical liquid contract packaging are stacked side-by-side on shelves.

Zoom Rooms

The Zoom room’s purpose is not limited to Zoom calls — it is a tidy space conducive to working and studying. It is the quintessential home office but prettier; it is built with aesthetic intentions. In fact, some Zoom rooms were designed to allow a person to attend video conferences without needing a Zoom background. The room itself needs to be neat, professional, and presentable.

The typical Zoom room has no sign of clutter. Books are meticulously arranged by color or size on the shelves. There are indoor plants to provide brilliant green colors and a clean desk.

Cleaner Closets

The pandemic made people more conscious about their fashion choices, especially because they have nowhere to go. As such, the hottest apparel of 2020 was loungewear — pieces that were comfortable but cute enough to show off in social media posts. Slippers and activewear were also popular.

To make room for these new favorites, people tidied up their closets. They decluttered and purged items that no longer served a purpose in quarantine. They purchased matching hangers and containers for their underwear. Their clothes were then arranged by season, style, and color.

There are many other ways to cope with a global health crisis apart from tidying up. However, home organizing is the only thing that makes routine easier, saves you time, and takes our mind off stresses, all at the same time.


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