Green Business Ideas You Can Do in Your Own Backyard


We often use our yard to rest and chill during lazy afternoons. Some entertain guests on their patio. But if there is another thing that can help you get the most out of your yard, transform this area into a money-making machine. If you are often home-bound and could use another way to earn more cash, consider starting a business in your own backyard. But what better way to do this than by building an eco-friendly business?

Nowadays, consumers want businesses to be more mindful of the environment. They want less packaging, more organic products, and locally sourced produce. They want sustainable services and products made from recycled and reusable materials.

Choosing an eco-friendly business you can do close to home helps you tap into the eco-conscious market. You get to earn money while minimizing the need to rent a space. This also allows you to fulfill your social responsibility to the environment.

If you are keen on starting a backyard business, make sure to check your HOA rules and zoning laws. This way, you can avoid costly fees and legal headaches. If you’re not sure what business to take, here are three eco-friendly businesses you can consider.

Backyard Nursery

If you love plants and don’t mind investing a few hundred dollars, then you can start growing a plant nursery. Did you know that more people are willing to invest more in ornamental plants than edible plants? This can mean you can earn more by selling your favorite ornamental plants.

Before you start, check what you need to legally start a backyard plant nursery business in your area. This also enables you to enjoy bigger savings when you buy wholesale. Your customers will also feel confident knowing they are supporting local businesses that are compliant and reliable.

When buying any tools or materials for your plant nursery, never take quality for granted. For

instance, you require topsoil to give your plats just the right amount of nutrients they need to thrive. Only choose the high-grade variety from a local supplier.


close up photo of a bee hive

Beekeeping is a great way to boost the bee population, help support community pollination, and maintain nature’s balance. Bees are independent and hardworking. But maintaining a hive can involve a lot of hard work.

Fascinated by how hardworking bees are? Why not try hosting a hive and start your own beekeeping business? You can harvest honey sell them to your neighbors or whip other products cool products.

Before you start your journey to become a beekeeper, do your research and understand the ins and outs of beekeeping. Take into consideration all the rules needed to stay compliant when running a honey business. Don’t forget to invest in quality beekeeping equipment to aid your new venture.

A Second-Hand Store

Got lots of old but still reusable items at home? These can be old clothes, trinkets, and even your furniture. Instead of throwing these away, why not sell them in your backyard?

You may need to apply for a selling permit and register your second-hand store. Make use of your shed and neatly arrange items for sale. Invite family, friends, and neighbors to visit your home-based shop and see if they have anything they want to donate or buy.

Don’t forget to post signs that tell the hours and days you will be opening the shop. Community bulletin boards, corner stores, and supermarkets are great places to share and post your fliers. Encourage your loved ones and neighbors to recommend your store to their acquaintances.

There are other profitable businesses you can start in your own backyard. All it takes is a little bit of imagination to find one that can bring in money, supports the environment, and are not against state zoning and HOA rules. Consider your interest, your budget, and the environment on your next backyard business adventure.


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