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So you’re done with the foundations of starting a business: conceptualizing your products and services, studying your target market, and funding it. You think that you’ve already overcome the most difficult part of being a businessman—until it dawns on you that you don’t have a final name yet. The name of your business will either make or break it, so you have to choose carefully. You want to stand out, but you don’t want to be pretentious. You don’t want to be trendy; you want to be remarkable. 

Consider the following tips to guide you in choosing a memorable name that will make the customers pay more than just their attention:

1. Trust Yourself

First of all, you have to trust your own mind. You know your business more than anyone. No one else desires for it to make a good impression as strongly as you do. Only you can tell what kind of feelings you want your business to evoke in your customers. If your brilliant mind can conceptualize a business plan or create a product, you are more likely to give it a name that suits it best. Don’t panic if your thoughts feel scattered; different brainstorming techniques can help you organize them. You can start with as simple as jotting down your ideas on a piece of paper without the pressure of perfection.

2. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone


Just because the business is your brainchild doesn’t mean that all ideas should be coming from you. Brainstorming as a group is just as important. You can gather a few of your closest friends or family who understand your business, who are experienced, whom you know care about your success as much as you do, and whom you trust. Put your heads together, and you might just surprise yourself with tons of cool names you’ve come up with. Don’t forget to thank them later. 

3. Convey Its Character

A business’ name can instantly convey a personality and identity. It can be funny or witty by using puns, wordplay, and rhymes. Businesses with clever names usually provide products and services that want to instill fun and coolness. With the right choice of vocabulary, a business name can also elicit emotions such as joy, nostalgia, and fearlessness. Use words that can spark the imagination. For example, you will be opening a burger joint franchise. What vision or character would you like the name of your restaurant to link to?

Another way is to make the product obvious by including it in the name. For example, “Sleepyssentials” is obviously related to sleeping. You could be selling pajamas or pillows. Or you can choose a word or an actual person’s name that is classic and timeless. Something that you know for sure you will not regret in the future. A name based on something trendy today might sound corny and unappealing someday.

Also, if you are open to the possibility of having a wide selection of products, refrain from names that might limit you to one product only. Don’t name it “Kitten Cart” if you also plan on selling dog food.

When deciding on a name, ask yourself what kind of style and identity you would like your business to express and if it suits the products and services. For example, a bank that performs serious money transactions might steer away from names like “Bankzy.”

4. Keep It Short, Simple, and Catchy

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If you must use a long business name, such those for schools and universities, see if you can use an acronym to make it easier to remember, spell, and pronounce. Word of mouth plays a huge and successful role in marketing. Customers should be able to talk about your business and services effortlessly. Test your chosen name by pronouncing it out loud. Does it sound good to you? Does it sound like another word you wouldn’t want to be associated with?

Have a few trusted friends talk about your business and see how you feel about hearing it. Does it captivate your attention? As a business owner, you should be the first one to feel happy and proud at the sound of your business name.

5. Be Meaningfully Unique

Always check if the name that you are considering has not been taken yet. Be an original. Also, check if there are other businesses whose names are similar to what you have planned. You don’t want your business to be confused with another one, especially if you’re from the same country and industry.

All businesses want to stand out, but you don’t want a name that you have picked only because it’s unique. You also don’t want to lose sight of its meaning to you. Sometimes, a business name may not be as catchy as you have hoped it to be, but it still works because of its meaning and story.

There can be a lot of opinions and strategies when it comes to naming your business. It takes a lot of time and thinking before you can come up with a final one. Whatever name you decide to give it, keep in mind that the success of your business is not dependent on its name alone. As long as you put your heart and your soul into your work to give customers quality service, your business will find its way to making a name for itself, no matter how long it takes.


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