Eight Ways to Maximise Conversions When Shipping Goods Abroad

Shipping Goods

Do you plan to start shipping your goods across the globe? Excellent idea! This marketing strategy may be a big challenge for you and your employees. But you get to enjoy an enormous success one you’re able to successfully promote your brand abroad.

Aside from worrying about your goods passing the customs and having a contract of purchase and sale in place, there are other things that you need to think about when moving goods abroad. But what can you do to increase your chances of establishing your brand and start making conversions?

Pinpoint the market you wish to expand into

Choose the country or state you want to start marketing your product abroad. Make sure to consider everything—from the economic policies, cultural language, to tariffs and trade barriers, if any.

Do market research

Conducting market research allows you to check further where you can market your goods, what areas are already full of competitors, and how much you can price your offers. Skipping this part can cause your business to lose a significant amount of cash as you might choose the wrong market when selling your exports.

Consider custom fees and regulations

Take note of the customs regulations of the country of your choice. Fill out the necessary paperwork and pay for the fees. Make sure that your product passes the requirements of customs before you start initiating your plan. Also, never try to manipulate the customs by under-declaring the value of your goods or by misrepresenting your shipments.

Choose between sea or air freight

The medium of transportation will depend on your budget, product, and convenience. Most companies choose air freight since it’s faster to ship goods by air. But this is also more expensive than sea freight. Consider the pros and cons of sea versus air freight before deciding on an option.

Assemble your sales team abroad

You can choose to directly hire your sales team abroad, form alliances, and build partnerships with local businesses in your country of choice. Make it a point to visit the country yourself and meet with potential partners, leaders, and other individuals you choose to hire for your sales team before starting your business venture abroad.

Shipping Goods

Don’t forget about cargo insurance

International shipments are at a higher risk for damages, loss, and even theft. This is why cargo insurance is a must once you start marketing your goods abroad. It can save you from lots of financial headaches and get that peace of mind knowing your business and shipments are adequately covered.

Set up an online shop

Chances are that you have already established a business website where you also sell and advertise your goods. Market your brand online by targeting your target audience and leading them to your online store. Consider changing the language of your website to match the language of your new clients. Be transparent. If shipping takes time, be upfront and show the shipping fees and delivery time.

Provide excellent customer service 24/7

No matter where you take your business, make sure that you offer not only quality products but also excellent customer service no matter the time and date. Find ways where you can communicate with them easily. Consider hiring bilingual agents who are native to your target country. This allows you to interact with new customers and respond to issues asap and effectively.

Expanding your business and taking it abroad take a significant amount of resources and preparations. But if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, you can keep this list in mind to maximise your chances of success.


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