Small Business or Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra in Singapore


If you’ve been living in Singapore for quite some time, you should know by now that it’s an expensive city to live in. And even if you earn a lot, you’d still need to set aside a huge chunk of your salary to pay rent, get around, and eat decent meals. That said, it’s common to see Singapore residents starting businesses or doing side hustles. 

Whether or not you’re struggling to keep up with living expenses, a side business or hustle will always come in handy. Fortunately, there’s an endless list of things you can do and opportunities to explore. 

Here are just some of the most popular small business ideas and side hustles in Singapore:


Many global companies in Singapore need translators for their regionalization strategies. If you happen to be bi- or multilingual, you can use that to your advantage and capitalize on it. Depending on your skill level and language proficiency, you can earn up to $3,900 in a month. But you can earn higher if you have advanced certification or a background in linguistics. If not, you can always try project-based freelance translation gigs online.


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned amateur bakers into successful entrepreneurs. If you have good baking skills and have recipes people love, why not sell baked goods online? There’s always a demand for sweet treats and cakes, especially in residential areas and condominiums in Singapore. Since there’s plenty of competition as well, be sure to create a business plan and come with a menu or branding that will set you apart.

Once you’re ready to turn it into a full-time career or business, you can get a low-interest loan to buy high-quality baking equipment so you can bake more goods efficiently. 


Nowadays, virtual bookkeeping is one of the most popular online side hustles. More and more companies are outsourcing this part of accounting simply because almost anyone with an eye for detail and a willingness to learn can get jobs in this field. Even high school graduates can apply for bookkeeping gigs as most tasks can be learned on the job. 

Content Writing


Do you have a talent for telling stories, writing advertising copy and social media captions, or blogging? There are plenty of content writing jobs available in Singapore since it has a huge population of digital marketing agencies and businesses looking to build their online presence.

Typically, you’d only need writing skills as your main qualification, but having a search engine optimization and digital marketing background will certainly help you land higher-paying projects. Once you’ve built your network and portfolio, you can turn it into a business by hiring other writers and providing different content writing services.

DIY Craft Making

In Singapore, there’s overwhelming support for solo entrepreneurs who want to share their talent or hobby with people. Whether it’s making soap, scented candles, and artisan food, or building intricate furniture or accessories, you can build a profitable business out of your passion. To get started, give out samples to friends and family and get their feedback. If they would pay money for your products, other people would too.

You can then set up social media pages or a simple website to advertise your products. Make sure to post high-quality photos and detailed descriptions to attract customers. It may be difficult initially, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, the sales will just come pouring in, especially if you’re consistent with your sales and marketing. 

Online Selling

online selling

Don’t have any talent or hobby to capitalize on? Don’t fret because there are still plenty of opportunities for you to start a small business. If you’re good at selling and engaging with people, online selling may be a great idea. Nowadays, you don’t need to build an e-commerce website to be able to sell online.

There are platforms you can use like Qoo10, LazadaZaloraCarousell, and so on. You’d only need to find suppliers, set up your shop page, take orders, ship products, and obtain positive reviews to become successful at online selling. You can even do it via social media, as platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to set up business profiles. 


Did you get good grades in school and still remember your lessons? And are you a natural teacher who’s good and patient with kids? Then you can work as a part-time tutor in Singapore. Tutors are always in demand in Singapore, and parents are more than happy to pay for qualified and hard-working tutors. Tutoring rates range from $20 to $90 per hour for primary and secondary levels, while JC or IB level rates range from $30 to $130 per hour. Plus, since tutoring is an hourly job, you’ll get more flexibility to get other side hustles or focus on your main career.


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