Money Matters: an Open Discussion on Financial Control

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Getting married involves significant adjustments. That includes financial control. For this reason, couples have to balance money and marriage. This way, it will not be a source of argument between them. In effect, they can control their finances with trust and honesty.

Money often becomes a heated topic. It happens if there’s no agreement about finances. In this case, couples have to sit down and start to talk it over. Money matters should not come in between married couples. This way, they can have a peaceful and happy marriage.

Money: Open Discussion for Married Couples

Money should not become an issue in any marriage. Here are a few tips in balancing money and marriage:

Trust and Honesty

Couples have to be honest with each other. They should grow trust for one another about their financial control. In this case, they have to share every secret, from income to debts. They can start by listing what they own and what they owe. Afterward, they can discuss how they can work them out.

Combine Finances

As a married couple, they can also decide to create a joint account. Aside from that, couples will stick with the budget they both agreed. In this case, all the money belongs to both of you. Both of you will decide how the money will circulate for your finances. That includes having fun money that you can use to buy what you want separately.

Separate Finances

Meanwhile, some couples decide to keep their incomes separated. Each of them has control over their money. Moreover, some can handle money better if they keep it in separate ways. However, they will still come across shared expenses. But they can agree on who will take care of specific bills and many more.

Explore Investments

Couples differ in outlooks about investing. One might want to buy an established business, while the other might want to start a new one. Aside from that, one chooses stocks, and the other prefers real estate. In this case, it will help to think this through and end with a mutual decision. Do not blame yourself or your partner if the investment will not work in the end. Instead, learn from it and continue to explore investments.

Salary Differences

It is rare for couples to have the same salary. Typically, one of them can be making more. But this difference should also not become an issue. Both of you are on the same team. For this reason, it is vital to have an equal say about money and marriage.


Couples also differ in their lifestyle choices. But then again, it is best to keep it within your income capacity. It is imperative to compromise than ending with debts to pay. For this reason, couples need to discuss this topic to meet each other halfway.


Once you have your offspring, your setup as a married couple will change a lot. Most of your decisions will now revolve around your kids. In this case, planning for their long-term needs is essential. But then again, it is vital to maintain a strong bond in couples. Sooner or later, your kids will grow, and only the two of you will be there for the rest of your lives.

As you can see, both of you have a lot to talk about related to money. Being honest and trusting each other on money matters can keep your marriage strong. Aside from that, there’s no need to make this a hot topic. The only way to have smooth financial control is an open discussion.

Meanwhile, not all married couples are both earning for the family. One of them can be stay-at-home and in charge of the household. It is another concern for married couples.

One Earner in the Family

Some married couples are in a situation that only one of them is working for the family. In this case, it is also one of the aspects that the couple should discuss. Staying at home doesn’t mean the other is doing less. Generally, they take charge of maintaining the household. They also take care of your kids.

Given this point, a marriage where only one is earning money needs agreement as well. This way, they can come up with the best control for the generated income. Their budget plan will be a lot different from those who are both working.

Overall, married couples don’t need to fight over money. A good and open conversation about it can keep the balance between money and marriage. As a result, they will always be on the same page about managing their money. After all, money and marriage should go hand in hand.


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