Changes in the Food Industry in the Pandemic

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Everyone loves food. That is for certain. The food industry is one of the largest industries in the world. In the United States alone, investments went as high as 1 billion dollars back in 2016, with food sales even reaching $2 trillion. If something will never be out of people’s needs, that would be food. But what makes a food business truly cut off from the rest of its competition? It’s all about innovation and sensing trends.

Take, for example, McDonald’s. McDonald’s started as a burger joint, but the idea is that customers get their order right away with minimal time to zero time for waiting. Thus, the concept of fast food came to be. Since then, McDonald’s did not only become a global brand it also became a cultural force. Its concept of fast food became the standard emulated and continues to be emulated until this day.

McDonald’s, as it globalized, tailor-fit their menus to that specific area of the world. Some of their selections can only be seen in their respective localities all around the world. This kind of localization of their products allows their brand to expand and attract more patrons.

This is the kind of innovation that separates the ones who will push the envelope and those who will stay safe. As entrepreneurs, taking a risk to try something that has never been done before is what may take your business to the next level.

Food Industry in the Time of Pandemic

With the current pandemic forever changing the economy and how people live, the food service industry remains constantly keeping the economy afloat. That is not surprising. Food is an essential commodity through and through. And even with restaurants closed and dining restrictions are placed, there would still be demand for food. So, how is the industry shaping up, and what can entrepreneurs learn from this?

One of the most apparent effects of the pandemic to restaurants is the strict lockdowns that prompted these restaurants to close indefinitely. However, this did not stop the demand for food. Instead of closing, takeaways and deliveries had been on a roll for the entirety of quarantine.

This a good example of ways to adapt to the changing times. Restaurants that did not have that option before were necessitated to offer that option to their customers. And that has also led to third-party delivery services t have a boom during these challenging times.

The third-party delivery apps also became a permanent fixture, especially now in the time of the pandemic. It also highlighted how essential delivery services are for a lot of people. The kind of mutual relationship between restaurants and delivery service apps kept a lot of people from losing their jobs. This is a great example of how connected these industries are with others, that nobody could have survived the sudden changes without the help and influence of the other.

These challenges also made it clear the kind of direction businesses should take in a post-pandemic world. Going digital is the future of business. It cannot be denied that online presence is also valued more now more than ever. Customers need to see the digital presence of the food businesses.

What are the opportunities in a time of pandemic?

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Starting a food business is not an easy task, but it is not an impossible thing to do with these pointers. Of course, the most important thing to have is the vision and the concept. What do you want to sell? Are they new and have not been seen before? If it’s something that is not exotic, what makes them different? These are just some things that need to be considered.

For example, you’ve decided to sell fried chicken. In the case of KFC, they banked on the 7 secret herbs and spices that make their chicken different from the others. It is also important to note if you will launch your original business or opt for a franchise? As for fried chicken, many franchise opportunities need not be expensive. You can find these online and check them out if it is up for your liking.

With that being mentioned, putting up your own food business should be easier now. Yes, these are challenging times. But the great people are the ones who see this as an opportunity to innovate and change the times.


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