Car Upgrades You Need for Long-haul Road Trips

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Long-haul travel in a car requires more experience and preparation than everyday travel. Of course, you wouldn’t want to drive to a faraway place until you’ve had some shorter road trips under your belt. But apart from driving experience and lots of prep, how can you make your long-haul road trip safer, easier, and more convenient?

Here are some car upgrades and accessories that you should consider buying:

1. Backup camera

With the many hours that you have to spend driving on a long-haul road trip, it’s only normal to feel tired and at least a little out of it. A backup camera will make it easier for you to reverse into a parking space, which can be extremely useful when you’re tired after a long day of driving.

2. Security system

A good security system will help keep you, your passengers, and your car safe from potential criminals who might try to take your car or its contents. When you stop in unfamiliar places during a road trip, you can’t always trust that the people there are nice. Hence, investing in a good security system is the best way to keep you and your car safe.

At the very least, buy a kill switch. A kill switch will allow you to bypass the ignition system and shut off the car, which will prevent a thief from driving off with it.

3. Roof rack

If you have limited storage space in your car, a roof rack will provide additional space to store luggage, water jugs, sports equipment, and other things that won’t fit in your trunk. Just make sure to watch the weight you add on the roof–too much can increase your fuel usage and affect your car’s suspension, brakes, and exhaust system.

4. New tires

Do some research about your destinations and see what kind of weather and terrain conditions you might encounter. Then, change your tires accordingly to make your road trip safer and more comfortable, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had a new set of tires.

5. Smartphone mount

If you don’t have one already, you might want to buy a smartphone mount for your next road trip. This inexpensive accessory will keep your phone within short reach. However, mounting your smartphone near the dashboard does not mean you can drive and scroll through Facebook at the same time. Instead, its purpose is to allow you to use your phone as a GPS, take calls, or skip songs without taking your hands off the wheel to hold your phone.

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6. Dashcam

A dashcam will provide indisputable evidence to the authorities in case you get in an accident. Road trip or not, having a dash cam can give you peace of mind and protect you against false allegations, sort of like insurance.

7. Anti-theft wheel nuts

Few things are worse than finding your car with its tires stolen in the middle of a road trip. Protect your vehicle from tire thieves by installing anti-theft wheel nuts, which require a unique key to remove.

8. Long-range fuel tank

The risk of running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere is ever-present, especially during a long-haul road trip. You might forget to fuel up in the last town or make a wrong estimation about how long it will take to reach the next gas station. And if that happens, you might waste half a day waiting for help.

To make sure you have enough fuel throughout the trip, consider buying a long-range fuel tank instead of packing half a dozen jerry cans.

9. Upgraded suspension

Before going on a long-haul road trip, it’s wise to have your suspension system checked by a professional. If there are worn or damaged parts, replacing them will ensure a smooth and comfortable drive for your road trip.

10. Lighting

Upgraded lighting will keep the road illuminated even in pitch-black places, helping you drive safely during the night. Since your stock lights might not be enough to drive through dark streets, installing light bars or spotlights can provide additional illumination.

11. Charger cords

If you are traveling with more than one passenger, you might want to bring extra charger cords to keep everyone’s devices charged (and keep the complaints to a minimum).

Going on a long-haul road is fun, but it can also be one of the hardest adventures you ever have. For this reason, having these upgrades and accessories for your car is a must if you want to make your road trip a stress-free and memorable experience.


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