Top Business Ideas Born during the Pandemic

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Amid the pandemic last year, the impact on small and medium-sized businesses is tremendous. They had no choice but to close down. One, governments forced them to close their doors since the restriction is that only medical frontliners and essential workers were allowed to go out. Second, people became extra thrifty with their money as they don’t want to spend something they might need a surplus of in the future. At the height of the pandemic, more than 70% of businesses were forced to look themselves in the mirror and make the ultimate decision—close temporarily or for good.

But as with many times in the past, people began looking for ways to earn even amid one of the most devastating crises of the past century. In the face of an unprecedented crisis, entrepreneurs took advantage of what the people need, want, and demand. The convenience offered by the online marketplace shifted the way people think about businesses.

Here are the most common business ideas that emerged during the pandemic:

Food-related Products

At the start of the pandemic, the demand for baked goods and other food-related items surged. People can’t go out to eat in restaurants. So, what they did is start taking out food they can share at home. Instead of a fine dine-in experience in a five-star hotel, they had the same food delivered to their homes. Social media became a platform for well-plated dishes. One of the most popular food items during the pandemic was the charcuterie—this is a board composed of cold cuts, dried fruits, gourmet cheeses, chocolates, and many more.

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Many decided to start a charcuterie business. Thankfully, there are already franchises that can help them jumpstart the business. They offer grazing tables and trays for different occasions. If you want to send a gift to your loved ones, a charcuterie box is just the perfect amount of elegance and tastefulness.

Fashionable Face Masks

There was a scarcity of face masks at the beginning of the pandemic. This forced many luxury brands to make face masks out of whatever materials they already have in their factories and warehouses. From Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior, you will find many of these branded face masks in the market. If you don’t want branded masks, there are also those who will personalize them for you. Businesses started putting their names on these masks as a form of advertisement.

Disinfecting Materials

Finally, chemists have found a niche for themselves in the business world. Those who know how to mix chemicals made alcohol and disinfectant sprays that they sold to business establishments. Anything that offers to sanitize areas is a good business idea.

Fitness Experts

Gyms and fitness facilities had to close down, too, during the pandemic. But as months progressed, people slowly realized that they need to take better care of themselves. That’s why virtual fitness classes started to become popular. Today, you won’t only find a one-on-one session with your favorite fitness trainer, but you can also download apps that will teach you different types of exercises and fitness regimens.

Delivery Services

Since people couldn’t get out of their houses and do errands themselves, they had to rely on delivery and errands services. Basically, younger people received payment from elders to run some tasks for them. Whether it’s to deposit a check in the bank or do the grocery, there were plenty of these “errands” during the height of the pandemic. As cities went into lockdown, these workers became more and more essential for their clients.

Door-to-door Pet Services

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It used to be that clients will walk their dogs to the nearest pet centers for grooming and veterinary services. Many of them couldn’t do it during the lockdown. So, what veterinarians and grooming attendants did is to offer home services to their clients. Instead of waiting when it is finally allowed for pets and their owners to go out, they brought the services straight to their homes.


This is a great business idea as people started tending to their gardens during the pandemic. Some of them are still into gardening now. It was not only a great pastime during the height of the pandemic, but people also realized what good it does to their mental health. This “trend” shows no sign of slowing down since people went so far as to fill their homes with plants.

No doubt, COVID-19 was a nightmare for people and businesses. However, it also provided a silver lining for many people who discovered new skills during their time quarantined in the house. This is one adversity that opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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