Business Events Post-Covid: What Companies Can Expect

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Events were a major part of the normal business world before COVID. They allowed for various things to happen like networking, marketing, and even direct sales. These events were a big boost for many companies. However, COVID has put a damper on all of that. But events are still essential, and they are coming back with changes. For companies that plan to go or hold events, here are some things that they should expect.

Digital Interaction Will Become More Common

A lot of conventions went on during the pandemic. This is thanks to the power of modern technology. The internet was not disrupted by the disease, and it was the perfect venue for a large-scale meeting. Virtual conferences and conventions became the norm as many of these events went online. With the return of mass gatherings, people will see conventions and conferences again, but there will likely be an increased digital component. After all, it opens up for a larger revenue stream. People can buy physical attendance tickets and pay for all the perks, while virtual conference attendees can still experience some of them for a lower price. It is easier for

Social Distancing Will Stay For Some Time

Social distancing was a major part of combating the pandemic. People will have gotten into the habit of doing it. This can mean a lot of things for future conferences. One notable change that you can expect is that conferences and conventions will need a lot of space. Venues that can provide that to potential organizers will have a big advantage. This allows for people to gather without crowding. But the most popular trend right now is to go outside. Outdoor venues are not limited by space, and they allow for better air circulation. The chances of infection are also much lower. Besides that, outdoor events can be a great way to give a new experience to the attendees.

Increased Concern For Hygiene

There will also be a larger push for increased hygiene. It is unavoidable that people will come into contact with various surfaces in public gatherings. What is important is hygiene and disinfection. For example, table and chair rental services can offer sheets and covers that can be replaced when necessary; while it can add another thing to do for convention staff, easy replacement allows for events to cycle guests through much easier. It is faster to replace the cover on seats and tables than to have to disinfect everything manually. Other similar options will be increasingly popular.

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Smarter Catering Options

Eating at conferences and events is a tradition. But in the post-pandemic world, it seems a bit risky. The traditional option was to have a buffet area where guests and attendees could come and serve themselves. However, this brings a lot of risks. The choice that a lot of conferences are using moving forward is for seated dining. Additionally, packed meals that limit contact between food preparers and guests are also a favorite. Future dining setups also limit the number of people at a table. Attendees can expect ten people at a table. This can limit the number of people eating at the same time, so future events might have a rotating schedule of who can eat.

Less In-person Delegates

The biggest obstacle that a lot of events will face is that there will be a drop in attendees. Before the pandemic, business events and conferences were a big destination for a lot of companies. They usually sent entire teams to an event. Now, post-pandemic, there will be fewer people coming personally. Travel is the main obstacle since it can be difficult to move around nowadays. Despite that, there will still be a need for large spaces to encourage social distancing. The result is wide-open spaces with a minimum number of people at the physical event. More attendees will be going virtually via online portals.

Contactless Technology Will Dominate

For attendees, one trend they will notice is the emergence of contactless technology. Instead of flyers being handed out, people can now expect displays and QR codes that will lead to company websites. There will also be less swag but more in the form of digital freebies. Additionally, automatic sensors will be in place, so no one needs to open doors manually. Furthermore, people likely won’t have lanyards anymore but have personalized event apps that they download and install for the event.

COVID changed a lot of things, and these changes will last for a long time. Companies need to be aware of these trends so that they can prepare and adapt to them. Events are still a major part of the corporate culture. They have just changed to fit the times and businesses have to go with them.


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