Alternatives to Public Transportation and Private Cars After Covid-19

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No one expected the Covid-19 pandemic to have such a devastating effect on the world. More than a million have died while millions more are currently battling the virus. It managed to shut many establishments down, and caused many people to lose their livelihood. It affected how we work, play, socializes with others, and buy our needs. The pandemic even changed how we travel, showing that some things will never be the same.

Transportation Before and During the Covid-19

Before the pandemic, most people are quite comfortable using different kinds of public transport. One doesn’t mind sitting next to complete strangers on the bus, on planes, and on rapid transit systems. But one downside is one tends to get extremely upset for missing the bus or train and having to either walk or wait for the next ride to come.

Those who value their privacy have their own vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles. Millennials and Gen Zers are often seen skipping the cab, with most people choosing ridesharing apps instead to reach their destination. But one thing all people would agree on is the fact that traffic before the pandemic can only be described as a nightmare.

But then, when Covid-19 hit the globe, traffic was dramatically reduced as more people are sheltering in place. Many were forced to work from home while others lost their jobs. Along with this is the fear of daily commuters about catching the virus while riding public transport.

Before, rarely can we see people using bicycles on their way to work or to run errands. But now, more people are riding their bikes for both recreational and non-recreational purposes. There is an increased sale of bicycles during the Covid-19 crisis, proving that people are looking for alternative ways to travel.

Even e-bike sales gained momentum during the coronavirus pandemic. People are deciding on a bike for health and travel purposes. We can expect the trend to continue even when the pandemic is over.

Alternative Modes of Transportation Post-Pandemic

As early as now, people are rethinking the way they commute. This is after the pandemic gave us a hard lesson about social distancing and prioritizing health and safety especially when we are outside. With or without their own private vehicles, many are still trying to find other ways they can travel without sharing seats with strangers.

The following are some alternate transport solutions many people are looking forward to using after the Covid-19 crisis.


During the pandemic, popular boat dealers already reported a surge in boat sales. They are now experiencing a shortage of boats after consumers went on a boat-buying frenzy during the pandemic. They said they have never seen such a huge demand for different kinds of boats for such a long time.

Among the number of boat buyers during the pandemic, roughly half are first-time boat owners. All kinds of boats are selling fast, including jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, and fishing boats. Since some boat manufacturers stopped their operations during the pandemic, demands are piling up and are expected to go steady after the crisis.

Buyers are buying boats for different reasons. The number reason is boats being a great alternative transport option. Others are buying boats for it these are a fun way to social distance.

Kick Scooters

People looking for an inexpensive and portable way to travel in short-distances are buying kick scooters. These self-powered scooters lightweight and can cut your ten-minute walk to run errands to just three minutes. Aside from these perks, kick scooters are also known to help improve one’s health.

Manual scooting is a great way to exercise while having fun. You can target your core, thighs, and butt every time you hop on your kick scooter. It challenges your stability, balance, and focus, thus engaging your mind and helping boost your mental health.

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For those who are not fond of kicking their way just to get to their destination, then a gas-powered scooter might do the trick. You don’t need to spend much on gas just to make it work. Another perk is that parking is easier since your new ride only occupying a space slightly bigger than kick scooters.

Newer models of scooters now have more comfortable seats, heated handgrips, and radio. Many think scooters are so quiet that other scooters won’t be aware you are already driving in the street.

Car Sharing

For people who only require car services on an occasional basis, they are already looking into car-sharing options. One can reserve a car, use it for a few hours or days, and return it to the owner once your time is up. You get to avoid the costly fees that come with maintenance and repair while being able to achieve your goal.

In a nutshell, this is a type of car rental that is perfect for consumers who only require short-term car rental options. One gets to access a car even after business hours, making it extremely convenient. Such cars are usually spread in reserved parking spots, making it easier for you to spot them.

These are but alternative transportation trends we can expect to even after the crisis. People will want different ways to travel for their health and sanity’s sake. One may find joy in boating, riding a manual or gas-powered scooter, or even enjoy car-sharing options post-pandemic.


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