A Quick Guide to Pot hole Repair


In the video “A Quick Guide to Asphalt Pot Hole Repairs” on the Quikrete YouTube video, consumers learn how to repair potholes using a commercial high-performance blacktop product. This product is designed for pot hole repair.

Sunlight, rain, wind, and snow will cause pot holes in driveways, parking lots, and roads.

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This is because the asphalt deteriorates when water reaches the gravel base. The blacktop product can be used all year long and is easy to use.

The product bonds to the surface of asphalt and becomes smooth quickly. First, the consumer should square the edges of the pot hole using a metal shovel or other tool. Pour the blacktop materials into the pot hole and fill it a few inches extra.

Use a tamper to compact and smooth the material so that it is even and well-compacted. Next, place a plywood board that covers the spot over the pot hole securely. A truck or SUV should be driven over the plywood to set the material. After that, the hole is fixed and can be driven over.

This pot hole repair kit is easy to use and repairs asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads quickly. It is a professional product made for repairs in all seasons.

Sunlight, rain, wind, and snow will cause pot holes in driveways


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