6 Construction and Repair Tools Every DIYer and Pro Should Have

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Whether you like working on DIY projects, doing home renovations, or even fixing your car, a good set of tools is convenient to have. They’re used for a wide variety of heavy-duty stuff, things that cheap convenience store tools can’t achieve. They’re designed to assist you, making the most complex of tasks relatively simple. While you still need the skill to utilize them properly, it’s something that can be trained in a few days. Let’s take a look at a small number of tools that will give you a boost in your DIY or repair projects.


You Get What You Buy


Before we go deeper, let’s talk about price and quality first. The nature of metal tools like these is that they’ll be used with force. A lot of force. There will be times where you’ll have to exert your full body weight on it. It’s understandable to find it tempting to purchase tools for cheap, but consider this: do you want your wrench to snap in the middle of fixing your tire? Or how about your drill bit to bend in the middle of drilling something? Don’t get caught up in marketing schemes where you can buy a cheap set of tools for the price of one quality tool. Spending a little more in this situation is welcome, especially if it guarantees a degree of quality.


Tools for All Projects


There are tools specific to repairing your car and building a playground for your kids, but a lot of tools also overlap. We’ll be taking a look at tools that’s generally beneficial for a multitude of projects, be it home repair, car repair, or DIY projects.


1. A Set of Socket Wrench


Of course, you need a good set of socket wrenches. It’s a must-have in every carpenter or car repair shop’s list of equipment because they’re that useful. From changing tires to assembling office chairs, socket wrenches will ensure that you have a wrench for heavy-duty nut or bolt. It’s useful for fixing your kids’ bicycle pedals, for connecting the frames of your patio, or your car. If you’re gonna get tools, this is among the first thing you buy.


2. A Power Drill


A power drill is also among the tools you should first buy, as it has a wide range of uses—from making halls on the wall for frames, shelves, or mirrors to using a saw bit to cut something in half. It’s a versatile tool that finds use in many situations. You can get the cordless or the wired one; it ultimately depends on your preference and budget.


3. A Work Light


You’ll be stuffed in nooks and cranny with little to no light; the last thing you want is to cut the wrong piece of wire or screw at a wrong slot. This can easily be prevented by using a work light that’s easy to mount, gives off a relatively bright light, and convenient to carry. You won’t regret getting a work light, as it makes your work a lot clearer.


4. Gloves of Different Kinds


You’ll be touching a lot of metal- with rough textures, pointed edges, or oily surfaces. Handling them can get quite dangerous, making wearing a glove crucial to your safety. It also prevents nicks and bruises on your hands after, since we tend to not notice small cuts or bruises. However, different kinds of gloves serve different purposes, so you have to be a bit specific for the ones you’ll be getting. Thick leather gloves are great for carrying or lifting heavy metals, and thin latex ones are good when you’re working with smaller materials.


5. Screwdrivers with Different Tips


Screws are the most common way of securing or fastening something with the intention of rarely opening them again. If you do need to open something, however, you better have the proper screwdriver necessary. You’ll be surprised by how many kinds of screws are out there, so it’s best to buy a set with a variety of screwdriver tips. Avoid purchasing cheap screwdrivers as well, as their tips can get damaged easily, potentially damaging even the screws you use them on.


6. A Car Jack


If you’re into car repair, then you probably already have one. If not, then go ahead and get one. A car jack will give a new dimension to your car repairs, as it allows you to reach parts of the care you couldn’t reach before. Even though they’re normally only used for car repairs, it allows you to do more with your car repair.


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