5 Signs Your Company Needs to Improve Its PR


PR disasters, no matter how big or small a business is, can be nothing short of a nightmare. Sometimes, the effects can be so damaging that some companies are forced to shut down because of just one disastrous event. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways a business can prevent PR problems. However, some businesses fail to get the help they need before it’s too late.

Don’t let PR issues destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Be on the lookout for these signs that you need help with PR to prevent problems before they can occur:

1. There’s no one focused on PR

A common woe for many small businesses is that their resources are always stretched too thin, be it due to limited cash flow or stagnant growth. If you are like many entrepreneurs, you may not have enough time to handle every other critical aspect of the business, including public relations.


Hence, when you run, say, a tech startup, hiring a reliable B2B tech PR agency can prevent problems down the road if you don’t have people focusing on PR. Furthermore, if you are managing PR yourself, there is clearly a better use of your time rather than sending newsletters or publishing blog posts.

2. You can’t figure out how to share news

When your company receives an award, opens a new store, or becomes included in a list of reputable businesses, it’s only natural to want to share the news with the world. After all, these achievements can help improve your reputation and serve as opportunities to connect with your audiences. But what if you don’t know how to get the word out in the most effective way possible?

A simple Facebook post or an announcement on your official website won’t cut it. If you want to maximize the opportunity to communicate with your audience, you need to create a PR strategy that will allow you to announce awards, innovations, recognition, and other achievements in the most effective ways possible.

3. Your online presence is weak

In the digital era, online presence is one of the most critical factors in building a strong business reputation. Everyone is online nowadays, and if your business has a weak online presence, you are likely missing out on opportunities for growth.


There are many reasons why your online presence is failing. It could be a lack of valuable content, an out-of-touch marketing team, a weak commitment to leads, or perhaps not enough effort to increase engagement. Whatever the reasons may be, correcting them as soon as possible is imperative to improving the relationship between your business and your audiences.

4. Your spokesperson is ineffective

A company spokesperson represents your entire company. That said, choosing the right person for the job is a crucial step in forming an effective PR team. But what if the spokesperson you hired turns out to be ineffective at their job? Don’t wait for them to say the wrong thing and possibly put your business in hot water. If you don’t think your spokesperson is performing according to your standards, it’s a clear sign that you need to find a new and more effective one.

In order to select the best spokesperson for your company, focus on these critical aspects when sifting through the candidate pool: credentials, appeal to your target audience, communication skills, and knowledge of PR best practices. Moreover, make sure that they are a good fit for your company culture; otherwise, they could end up clashing with the people that are trying to work with them.

5. The business is stuck in a rut

Business stagnation is a warning sign that things are about to get a lot tougher in the near future. Before revenue starts to decline (which often follows stagnation), pay more attention to your PR strategies. Perhaps you’re not doing enough or doing too much? Or maybe your PR practices are outdated and not in line with your target audience’s interests? Whatever the cause may be, start working on solutions before you see your numbers plummeting.

However, figuring out the cause of stagnation can be a little tricky, especially for new business owners. If you need help, hiring a business consultant, as well as an expert PR strategist, can help you find the right strategies to get you out of the rut.

PR is often a complex aspect of business, as volatile and inherently risky as it is. To protect your company from PR disasters, act as soon as you notice these warning signs in your business. Better yet, be proactive and avoid these signs in the first place by solidifying your PR plan from the get-go.


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