Muscle Matrix Solution Review- Is Ryan Hughes Muscle Matrix Legit?

musclematrixsolutionreviewWhen talking about health and fitness, we all know that it’s very popular among the people today as modern life include so much stress to us. Many people just want to exercise and feel good, while others are pushing themselves to the limit. Well, in both cases you are doing good, because going to the gym and lifting weight can give you many, many benefits.

You will feel healthier, you’ll be stronger, also your confidence will rise up- I can guarantee you that! Why? Because I, myself am visiting the gym and lifting weights for a few years. When you began lifting weights, you certainly asked yourself is there a magic pill that can take all these years of hard working and replace them?

Certainly, the answer is NO, but… there are numerous nutrition plans, workout plans and so on that can help you get the maximum of your visits to the gym. Today, we are going to take a look at the muscle matrix solutions which is a muscle building training system, or training regime, call it how you want.

What This Muscle Matrix Review Tells You?

This program has been launched back in July 2015 and most people in the fitness industry started to gain some interest in it because it’s built by Ryan Hughes. Ryan Hughes is an IFBB pro athlete- physique competitor, so he isn’t a bodybuilder but more a fitness model.

This means that he is on the professional level, so he must have some knowledge to write this program, right? Sure, he does have a certain amount of knowledge, but keep this in mind- not every training program is suitable for everybody, because we are all different in every way. So somebody’s metabolism maybe won’t react to particular situation, but someone else may see great results.

The same applies here. If you are interested in custom made program, which is just for you, you can contact Ryan Hughes personally. Otherwise, this program will not cost you much and it has basics, to cover your exercising from when you start to when you have built some muscle mass and gained strength.

Aside of being IFBB pro athlete, Ryan Hughes is also known to be a personal trainer for many celebrities in New York, also his articles and he, himself has been featured in many bodybuilding and fitness magazines. Clearly, this guy knows what he is doing, because he’s lifting weights since the age of 15. Of course, the main goal of this program is to build mass, lean muscle mass as fast as possible, and also maintaining that mass, which is even more important for many people.

We’ll do a short muscle matrix solutions review and see if it’s worth the money. So we are talking about complete, calculated and systematic exercising program here which contains the proven strategies and plans and training protocols. They are intended to help individuals to activate the production of the testosterone to achieve maximum muscle gains within a few weeks.

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Here is Ryan Hughes On His Fitness Training:


As you surely know, testosterone is a primary male hormone which helps the man build a muscle and has a numerous benefits on human body. However, males are not only species carrying this hormone, but also a women, in very small amount. If testosterone is increased in a male body, it will react with increased growth of muscle, hair and everything that is related to masculinity, so testosterone is needed and it’s a must for a man.

Low testosterone in a male body can cause a man to feel less strength, have less confidence and so on. Ryan Hughes thinks that conventional muscle building programs are not as efficient as his training program because they don’t target the so called C19 hormone. C19 hormone is no other hormone than testosterone. He also explains that during the exercise, the microfibers in the muscle are being teared up.

That’s the only way to force muscle to grow- tear those microfibers then repair them by resting and eating proper amount of food with the quality macro and micronutriens. But, he mentions that this C19 hormone or simply testosterone plays a huge role in that process. So as you can see, testosterone is of high importance in this story. When purchasing Muscle Matrix Solution, what can you expect? Some of the things you can find inside the box are:

Some Salient Features of Muscle Matrix Program:

– Ryan’s version of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a sort of cardio that will help your body get lean faster;

– Some information about vitamins and minerals that can prevent testosterone being converted into estrogen, which is VERY unwanted situation in a man’s body;

– Info about amino-acids, about the dosages you should take to achieve maximum muscle growth and general information about what are amino acids (we’re going to talk about that later);

– Very useful advices on how to build your nutrition plan that will match your training regime, intensity, volume, frequency and so on, because nutrition is of the high importance here also;

– Gain Tracker Tool. This tool is proven to be very useful, as it allows for very easy monitoring of progress;

– The technique called 5-8-20 that, Ryan says, are made for very busy people who want fast results;

– Specific nutrition plan and eating pattern that is designed to keep your body at anabolic state at all time and keep excess fat away. Also, to bring your body to a hormonal balance;

– An ingredient that can help your body to increase testosterone levels, which further cause acceleration of injuries and reparation of muscle tissue;

– Unlimited access to the Ryan’s training videos which will show you how to properly execute any of the exercise in order to get the maximum out of your training;

– Exclusive Backstage Fitness Report. This is an insider that reveals some secret of the pros. How professional bodybuilders and fitness models prepare for the competitions, photo shoot and more.

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If this seems a lot to you, well, it’s just a piece of what this training program has to offer. If you are unfamiliar with some stuff from above, let me explain some of them to you, because it’s very important to know what you are paying for. You don’t pay for something you don’t know what it is, right? First, HIIT. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a special method of cardiovascular training that involves sprinting for a short interval then for example slowly walking.

So it’s done in periods. This type of cardio is most efficient for fat loss, and is also short in duration- about 15-20 minutes. Amino-acids are parts of proteins. Proteins are being made of amino-acids, and proteins are very important in this whole process as they help your muscle tissue repair in combination with right amount of carbohydrates.

Luckily, Muscle Matrix Solution offers you a lot of information on how to build your own nutrition plan. As you’ve already realized, biggest part of this regime is to get your body to produce more testosterone and much less estrogen. Estrogen is group of female hormones, and when increased in male’s body it can cause quite a mess if not treated right, for example gynecomastia. What are the advantages of this program? Well in my opinion, here are some advantages of this training program:

It suitable for almost all individuals who want to train:

As Ryan already said, you don’t need to have a big experience in training to be able to follow this training system. Ryan made sure that the explanations in this program are suitable for whatever experience you may have, so it’s really simple to understand. This means that every individual can take the advantage of this program.

Harder isn’t always the smartest way to go:

The goal of this program is to push your body to the limits but do it the smart way. In this program, you are going to be training just 3 times a week, for just half an hour a day. As Ryan explains, high intensity training practiced over a long period of time can cause your body to stop reacting to this kind of muscle stress thus stop giving the results. Also, CNS will then be stressed to the maximum and the body will start building only fat and less muscles.

Urge to avoid all muscle-building mistakes that many make:

All the beginners that start lifting weights usually make some big mistakes at the start of training. Well, think of Muscle Matrix Solution like the cheat sheet. All you need to do is to just carefully read and watch what Ryan has to say about many exercises and those little tweaks that can help you maximize your muscle building process and you’ll be good to go.

60-day refund guarantee:

When I saw this in the Muscle Matrix Solution package, I was very surprised. Not so many programs offer this kind of chance to their customers. I personally think this is the best part of all, because of reasons we talked about earlier. Not everyone’s body is the same and someone may not react properly to this program, so he wants his refund. No problem.

Ryan says that you can contact his customer support via telephone or email and request a refund if it’s not doing any good for you. So, feel free to try it for a few weeks and see what happens.

Talking about cons, well to be honest it’s really hard to find so many cones for this kind of program, but there’s some stuff I didn’t like. These are:

Program may not seem to work for everyone:

As I said earlier, this is very common problem with all the programs and I wouldn’t consider it such a serious con. For example, you may have some health problems that doesn’t allow you to increase your testosterone levels or simply push your body to the desired limits. Luckily, your money can be refunded so there’s no worry.

Too much marketing:

Let’s be honest. Increasing testosterone naturally is a very hard thing to do. Average mane has most testosterone in his body during the teenage years, and as he grows older, that level Is lower and lower. This program says that you can get steroid-like gains naturally in just 6 weeks, which is quite… unrealistic. Of course, 6 weeks can surely mean some progress, but don’t expect these steroid-like gains.

Focus on quick results:

Bodybuilding is a sport and a lifestyle which requires patience and hard work over the course of years. Quick results often mean quick loss, and it’s the case in steroid use for example. They give you quick results, but shortly after you stop taking them, you get back to your old look. There are no shortcuts or secrets, just pure hard work and dedication, trust me.

Now, the conclusion. First, I must admit that Muscle Matrix Solution is worth taking a look at. Ryan Hughes seems to know his stuff and there’s a lot of material for making a good muscle gains. Also, you can learn many things about nutrition, exercising and simply how a human body is working and what it requires to be in the best shape. This program is not that cheap, but I wouldn’t say that it’s somewhat expensive either, and can be a very good buy.

People that bought this program seem to be satisfied as I didn’t hear that much negative comments about the program. This program is suitable for almost everyone but I would recommend it to those who tried many training programs and didn’t see the desired results, because this program is relatively new and is somewhat different from others. It’s important that even those who didn’t even see the weights in their life can gain something from the program.

But at some point of this program, I really stop and think if Ryan really created it or he just put his name on it. I have that feeling because there are many promises of those steroid-like gains, which is strange to come from a mouth of an IFBB Pro, who surely knows his stuff. Nevertheless, this is a great program for a beginner who wants to get some quick results, or any kind of results, because not everyone’s body is suitable for fast results. Still, you can find some cheaper training programs online that may work as good as this, because if you are going the natural way, there really aren’t much of a shortcuts in this sport.