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golf and silver for life reviewsGold and Silver for Life is a new, top notch training that will help you protect your wealth with gold and silver and create a monthly passive income and profits by protecting you from the currency crunch. It really works and the training is of high quality. This is a very practical training program created by Minesh Bhindi. He has a lot of experience in the capital market. You has designed a special strategy to make profits by investing in gold and silver and then create a passive income between 12 % to 26% per year in just three steps.

The idea behind the program is similar to the wealth management activities of billionaires. It demands bold moves irrespective of what is happening in the economy or financial markets. This program has been embraced in many countries. A study carried in ten years showed that 94 percent of success in investment comes from asset allocation policy while the other 6 percent comes from other factors like security selection and market timing among others.

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This shows that profits from investments are as a result of being in the right class of assets. Minesh believes that currently, gold and silver are the right investment class. The program goes an extra mile in explaining how you can trade with gold and silver profitably at your own and secure maximum returns. The program is designed for people who own capital and are looking to protect their purchasing power and create wealth over a long period.

Why Gold and Silver for Life Reviews Work?

It works because the creator of the training Minesh Bhindi is the man behind it. He has a vast experience in the capital market and knows his stuff.  Minesh Bhindi who has spent his lifetime on helping people to increase their wealth by investing. He is also a long time and successful investor. He works by building a scrutinized portfolio which are used to make bold investments. His investments include; Apple stock in 2002, Google stock in 2004, London Real Estate in 2005 and US stock market in 2007.

He has invested on gold and silver since 2010, the same year he began the program. He is also a proud founder of Reverent Capital, an investment advisor to people who invest in gold and silver. He provides consultation services to people with high net worth all over the world.

Importance of Investing

As an investor you need to consider investing in gold and silver because of many reasons. One of them is that the dollar is losing value. In comparison to 44 years ago, a dollar is worth only three cents. Again, wealth devaluation is at the heart of central bank monetary policy worldwide. A study done by Ernst and Young shows that most people will run out of money in their long retirement period.

The total global depth is also $200 trillion, an amount that is unlikely to be paid back. Gold and silver has been used to back the dollar for 44 years. This is an extension since an average paper currency lasts about 38 years. According to calculations done in the 80s, the true inflation-adjusted high price for gold and silver are $10,824 and $568 respectively. Gold and silver are expected to benefit more from the destruction of paper currency than any form of investment.

How it Works in Today`s Tight Financial Situations

Gold and Silver For Life program employs three investment strategies. The first step involves buying gold and silver like institutions. This involves buying closer to the spot price as possible and even 5 to 20 percent below market value.

In the process you can get a decent profit of 1 to 2.2 percent per month. This is to allow your money to work as you wait for this tremendous wealth transfer.

The third step involves acquiring as much gold and silver as possible in your portfolio. This is done by leveraging the returns generated by your current portfolio. The first objective of the program is to ensure the preservation of your purchasing power. This technique utilizes the Keynesian economic policy designed to maintain inflation as the economic status quo. Secondly, it provides collapse-proof portfolios that ensure your survival during hard economic and financial times.

This is because you require to put more effort in creating 100 percent gains which will be used to cover 50 percent loss in your portfolio. Lastly, the program works by ensuring your unproductive days are taken care of. It enables you to develop a financial plan that will take care of you as you go into retirement. The program uses these three objectives to protect your wealth. It also allows you to create monthly incomes and profit from the coming currency crisis, using silver and gold.

The whole program can be broken down like this:

— The Free Webinar: You get a full insight into the whole program with this free webinar that will tell how:gold and silver for life webinar review

  • institutions buy gold and silver 5% to 20% below their market value.
  • to generate a stable income from gold and silver at 1% to 22% each and every month.
  • to create a gold and silver saving account.
  • much the price of gold and silver rise with the passage of time.
  • to retire confidently without running out of money.
  • to strategically upgrade your lifestyle now and after retirement.
  • and finally why 12 US states have already legalized gold and silver as money.

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— Weekly Webinars and Live Coaching Calls: You get access to weekly webinars and live calls. These webinars will be archived for you in the gold and silver for life library so that you may access them at your own whenever and wherever you want to see them. You will also get latest market analysis and current strategies that work when you become a paid member of the program.

The Online Learning Center: Inside the members area, you get access to an online learning center that will help you learn how to get started with gold and silver investment and then gives you a hand holding training and advanced strategies that will help you set up a collapse proof portfolio to generate monthly income with your gold and silver account.

— Q&Answer Sessions: Every client gets access to a weekly question and answer call with Minesh Bhindi, personally and to discuss the market and their investment options. There is no charge and no limit to the number of calls you can attend.

With gold and silver for life strategies, you can earn a staggering $$418,240.86 with a just $10000 investment. That is more than a dozen times the increase in the price of gold!

gold and silver for life

gold and silver for life Minesh Bhindi

Gold and Silver for Life Program 2017 Benefits:

-The program employs a simple strategy and it takes only six hours to learn and is applicable to people of all ages and experience.

-The program provides the best support where you are given a Q&A session with Minesh on a weekly basis to discuss the financial market and investment options.

-Gold and silver provide an asset foundation after being a safe and international form of investment for a long period.

-The strategy is comprehensive, therefore, if you follow these steps well you can expect monthly cash flows on investments at 1 to 2.2 percent.

Gold and Silver For Life is revolutionary program that provides you with a strategy in investing in these precious metals. Minesh is a successful and experienced investor and has decided to share the knowledge. The timing of gold and silver is seemingly right now. The paper currency is losing value and these precious metals are undoubtedly the future. This investment will also take care of your retirement period

. The technique involves the application of three simple steps. You only need to dedicate 20 minutes in a month in managing and converting gold and silver assets into income. The returns on monthly investments are higher compared to a standard brick, bar or coin investment in over 10 years. The program provides great support for there are no charges and limits to the number of calls.

This is a worldwide program designed to help people in transitioning from paper to gold and silver. These precious metals have provided a safe, secure and international form of investment over a long period of time. Their core values focus on stability, security and long-term wealth which provides a universal appeal. This training program is the ultimate staring guide if you are new to gold and silver investments.


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